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Ruth Tobin
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Hand 14 from April 23
Thanks Andy, good points. Agree I'm semi-balanced and X will give us the best chance for a plus score including a penalty which is always nice!
Hand 14 from April 23
At our table, E opened 2NT for the m's, S X'ed, 3C from W and I bid 3S (North). Partner raised to 4S, X by W and I went 2 off. It looks a bit hard for N/S not to get too high. We can beat 3C ...
This was an amazing hand. Liz passed, W opened 1H and I overcalled 2NT. Liz, seeing a major misfit, passed and I played there, going down 2. I could probably have saved a trick if I'd kept my D's but I kept my C's before I realised ...
Board 21, 16 April, Norway vs Poland BB 2007
Yes, agree. Two H's might easily be cashing anyway and then I will most likely score a D. Who knows if partner ends up with a trick too. Next time I will just double and not worry about it. I agree with the comments below about bidding 4H. I ...
Board 26,April26, Norway vs Poland
I think Lauren did well to pass Sophie's 1NT. Anita led a D, so we scored 3 D's, 1 C, 1 H and 1 S. It's a bit hard to get the 2nd S - we didn't manage it.
Board 19 , April 2019
Yes great theory, it makes a lot of sense.
Board 26, 2 April, Argentina vs USA1
Barb - agree with 3NT to show A or K of trumps - it can't be anything else from a super weak hand. The strong hand now doesn't have to give any thought to moving.
Board 23, 2 April
Lauren and Sophie (our oppo's) did nicely on this one. Lauren opened 1H and made a trial bid in S - leading to them ending up in 6H. I led a trump and put in the CJ when Lauren led towards the K. Of course, Anita can't return a ...
Good Morning from Shanghai
Me too! Looking forward to all your news and comments from Shanghai!
Board 4, 2nd April (USA1 v. Argentina)
I X'ed, 1H from E and Anita bid 2D. I was tossing up between a 3D raise and bidding 3C and ended up bidding 3D, so we played there. I prefer Sue's 3C bid, partner must have something after a free bid of 2D. Agree with Sophie's ...

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