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Ryan Connors
Ryan Connors
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March 14, 2011
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July 9
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Ryan Connors's bidding problem: 9853 J63 93 AQ96
So real question was that South had a long hesitation before the reopening double. West argued that Pass was a logical alternative and could have scored up 1S XX +2 if South sits for it. Pretty clear from the responses that everyone is always bidding clubs. Thank you for the ...
Ryan Connors's bidding problem: Q3 83 A964 AKQ93
Thanks for the feedback. On this deal the Michaels bidder was broke but caught a double fit in dummy. Doublers get +300 against 3D, which doesn't compensate for 3NT or the club slam. Trying to figure out what's best in the long run. Thanks.
Kokish Relay Question
I could be misinterpreting the article, but it says, "4 was a cuebid in support of spades" and they go on to bid Blackwood.
Ryan Connors's bidding problem: K83 J54 AK543 63
Thanks for the feedback. For those curious 3 and 4 both go down one, while 3NT goes down 2. Partner, a bot, held: x AQxxx Jxx AKJx
Recorder System
I had a positive experience with the Recorder. I filed a player memo at the Toronto 2011 NABC. The Recorder met with me personally to explain the process as I was quite ignorant. He later followed up to let me know how things played out. He was very professional. There ...
Could you please explain why you led the three of spades and not the ace or another suit? Thanks for the insight.

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