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Ryan Schultz
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March 11, 2011
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Flight B NAP Champion 2016 / Flight B GNT 2015 Champion / Flight A GNT 2014 Runner-Up / Flight C GNT 2010 Champion
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Save Bundy's Sanity
It sounds like you need to pick 1 from below and live with it: A. Create enemies, possibly stop some people from playing as much, but fight for an honest game OR B. Allow dishonest players free reign, but no enemies and possibly increase table count
I agree with the notion that there are too many tournaments, especially regionals and sectionals. Reducing them makes sense because: 1. It gives tables back to the clubs, which need more support 2. Reduces the staffing/volunteer hours needed throughout the year, which will have positive effects on the tournaments ...
Ryan Schultz's bidding problem: 3 42 KT9542 AQ43
This was also my thinking. How will partner know when to try for 3NT without a hand that doesn't have extras? My 3 could be based on other major suit points instead of a double club stop. 3NT was a success when partner came down with KQJxx QTxx ...
Bridge post-mortems at the table
In my experience pairs that engage in post mortems tend to have weaker partnerships and the analysis is very often incorrect. Moreover, because the post mortem is inevitably negative towards partner it usually causes them to play worse. I feel like my odds of winning a KO or Swiss match ...
Why younger players don't want to learn bridge
Strongly disagree. In the posted thread someone argued that the dummy is one of the greatest mechanics ever invented in gaming. While I might not take it that far, it should probably be in the discussion. There's a reason bridge is hugely more popular than whist.
Why younger players don't want to learn bridge
Thanks for posting about this discussion. The theme I saw repeatedly mentioned was poor teaching/introduction to the game. If the ACBL can get this right with their Big Idea to improve teaching this could potentially be a game changer. I think something like minibridge should be a standard introduction ...
Score keeping should be disallowed in the semi finals/finals of all major national matchpoint type events
Seems reasonable to me. One consequence is that resolving score disputes might become more difficult and prevalent. Suppose both sides disagree on the score at the end of the session. Having private scores would be helpful evidence to resolve the problem. This change might also motivate some unethical players to ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
Any player can psyche at any time, but you can't have hidden partnership agreements to field those calls. If I psyche and everyone at the table is equally deceived then no harm done. If partner takes a non-standard, protective action because he has seen me previously psyche in this ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
Louis, We would need to demonstrate that Bathurst-Lall have a partnership agreement in order for it to qualify as a HUM. That's why the quantity and accuracy of the data matters. I think Spain helps their case by presenting the evidence as clearly as possible. Based on Oren's ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
Saying you analyzed 400 boards is completely misleading and is clearly intended to add legitimacy to your claim. As discussed in the previous thread, we can easily estimate that only a handful of those 400 hands were relevant to your charge. It would be more accurate to say: "We found ...

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