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Ryerson Schwark
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April 11, 2012
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Student Scam Warning From ACBL
This is a variation of a scam that has existed for years. If somebody sends offers to send you a check for more than you're owed, and asks you to send the extra back, it is highly probable that the check is fraudulent. It can take a bank a ...
Slap in the Face
If this is the olympic spirit, I want nothing to do with it.
What should TD Rule? Misinformation or Misbid or Extremely Serious Error
I wish people would stop offering explanations for agreements they don't have. North could easily say, "We haven't discussed this." If they had, there wouldn't be an issue here. On the other hand, I don't have much sympathy for east-west if they knew or should have ...
I'm Sorry
No, really, it isn't. People seldom say the things to people's faces that they feel comfortable saying on the internet. Face to face they realize they'd be a complete ass to say it, so they don't. On the internet, that filter seems to fail for so ...
I'm Sorry
Sorry it generated drama Michael. I thought your comments were out of line and said so, but I understand how someone excited by the game could offer unsolicited advice in a well meaning way. Internet forums, even well moderated ones like this, can be brutal and unkind. When people don ...
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
It is rude to offer unsolicited bridge lessons to strangers at the table. When you're rude, unsurprisingly, people are rude back. If she had asked, it would have been different. But you embarrassed her at the table, and are surprised she acted badly?
Carl Mathiesen's bidding problem: x xxxxx Txxx xxx
Bidding a lot of hearts is a great way to ensure opponents find their game in spades.
BBO Best Hand Idea
Unfortunately, the robots play badly enough that normal bridge with them is pretty painful, at least to me. If we had better robots, this is clearly the right answer.
Why Abstain?
Yes, I want to see what more informed people vote on a subject, but don't feel my vote is useful or informed enough that I want to actually vote.
Where's the freedom of expression in 2019?
I don't mean to sound unduly harsh, but this would sound less whiny if it were attached to a specific proposal on what you think that the ACBL should do and in what context. Bridge is not a game of hidden agreements and understandings. Your opponents are entitled to ...

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