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World Champion and author of I Love This Game

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Who Will Direct the Directors?
I have received a couple of private emails that made me feel I should try to clarify and explain the intent of my OP better. 1) As stated in the OP I do not have any issues with the poll conducted by the TD and the resulting ruling. 2) An ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
"but nothing I could see in the disclosure helped me to understand why 1♠ was the system bid with this hand." Our South player (who received perfect information on his side of the screen) could shed some light on this question. He was told that a 2-of-a-minor rebid would be ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
The question was: "Did 1 show 5 cards?" The answer was: "It could be 4 cards." The responder held only 3 spade cards in his hand and his cc stated that this was systemically possible. So I consider the answer unethical. But I have no way of knowing, whether ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
Andy, it may not matter to you, but there are some Harvard people that disagree with you.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
@Ai-Tai Lo it is perfectly possible to act unethically unintentionally and without one's own awareness. I do not think intent should have anything to do with whether a PP is given or not. A PP should be given, when a player doesn't follow the rules. Give enough PPs ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
LOL Barry. Always go all the way, never stop! ;)
Who Will Direct the Directors?
@Andy Bowles "Do these descriptions relate to the same conversation, or to two different conversations on different days?" Two different conversations on two different days. The "usually at least 4 spades" explanation was given to me in the second conversation the following day, when I was trying to dig deeper ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
We seem to be repeating the same arguments. In the OP I represented the facts as confirmed by the TD called to the table. The "usually 4 spades" explanation was brought up one day later and it was NOT confirmed by the TD that had been called to the table ...
Who Will Direct the Directors?
I believe it to be an accurate description of what happened at the table as described by both my teammate and the TD who was called to the table.
Who Will Direct the Directors?
@Cliff Gillis 1) I confirmed my teammate's version of the explanation given with the TD who was called to the table. 2) The Chief TD who told me the "usually 4 cards" version the following day was never actually at the table. 3) I have not accused declarer of ...

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