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Sabrina Miles
Sabrina Miles
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Jan. 17, 2015
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10 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I like bridge!  It is challenging, and humbling, and generally fun.  I am a student of the game and am always interested in learning more.  I root for the underdog and follow the best.  The game has taught me things that I didn't learn in kindergarten...i.e., play fair, don't hit people (literally or figuratively), say you are sorry when you hurt people... Bridge has taken me places that I never thought I'd go....and I am enjoying every step of the journey.

And...I'd rather be lucky AND good!

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Meeting IRL those with whom I'd played with on-line.
Bridge Accomplishments
Moving from club master to Ruby Life Master in less than 2 years; winning my first open pair two session Regional event as a C player.
Regular Bridge Partners
Marianne Bechet, Darryl Legassie and Vincent Messina
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BBO, Westwood Bridge Club, Newton Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Saratoga Regional, Ocean State Regional, any national
Favorite Conventions
2 way drury
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Favorite CC
Copy to my cards View/Print
Miles and McPhee
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REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
@Steve, why don’t we have a mechanism for pruning “unproductive” regionals? I fully understand the “not in my backyard” crowd. At the same time, it seems, to me, that “everybody” acknowledges that there are too many tournaments...and EVERYBODY refuses to do anything about it. Leadership is about leading ...
REACH: Win Gold Pts at Clubs & Support International Bridge
When does the platinum at the regionals start? The pie is only so big. Is the idea here to increase the size of the pie or to alter the way it is divided? If it is the former, what metrics are in place to determine whether it succeeds?
BW 2/1: Opener's 3NT Rebid
Bridge goals and resolutions for 2018
Read more. Listen more. Watch more. Play more. Enjoy the journey.
The walrus opens 1N. Then what?
Rules are made to be broken ;) But few would respond to an invitation without the proper tickets.
Tiers of National Championship Events at NABCs
After reviewing the schedule for the NABC for the last few years I don't agree that the existence of mixed events decreases the size of 'otherwise equivalent' non-mixed events. First, it seems that most mixed events are categorized as NABC+ events (is there a reason, some history for this ...
Chuck Messinger's bidding problem: --- Q52 AKJT963 KJ6
Are support doubles really that far off the charts now?
A New Blue Ribbon Pair
Ok, I am willing to show my naivete here: why did no W sit for 1X with singleton A? Especially when 1 opening promised 4+? So we only have 6 trump....aren't my as good on defense as offense? BTW, loved this summary...wish ...
San Diego room availability
I agree that the new policy, based on limited antidotal offerings, appears to be a success. BTW, I have never had a problem getting a hotel at the Regional level even at the last minute (i.e., the book before date listed in the Regional advertisement.) Perhaps I am choosing ...
San Diego room availability
I think the fact that one can still reserve a room for Philadelphia, more than one month after the reservation period opened speaks to the success of the program -- or perhaps the misunderstanding of many in the bridge community that rooms could be reserved and cancelled (before January 8, 2018 ...

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