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Sabrina Miles
Sabrina Miles
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Jan. 17, 2015
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Reconnecting with a good friend, who did not play bridge, some 30 years later at a bridge tournament.
Bridge Accomplishments
Moving from club master to Ruby Life Master in less than 2 years while not employing a pro; winning my first open pair two session Regional event as a C player, with another C player.
Regular Bridge Partners
Marianne Bechet, Darryl Legassie and Vincent Messina
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BBO, Westwood Bridge Club, Newton Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Saratoga Regional, Ocean State Regional, any national
Favorite Conventions
2 way drury
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
Favorite CC
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Miles and McPhee
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Gatlinburg Regional 2018 hits 8109 tables
The need for gold rush is diminished when you have an event with 22 brackets ... with so many brackets folks are really playing against their peers and no separate “gold rush” designation is necessary. What a great idea and marvelous event(s)
Bridge online tutorials for beginners?
I would not disagree with any of the above-mentioned suggestions, but for me, looking back at my beginning days, I would not change a thing: BBO is the place to go. That included playing many free games on BBO (mostly all types of tournament games) to get a sense of ...
Gatlinburg Regional 2017
@Alan, I live in Southern New England, and am quite willing to drive 4 hours (after 6 hours I prefer to fly, but would consider driving), and my research suggests are no where near as many regionals to attend as you suggest. Shucks, even driving 6 hours, for me to ...
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: T3 8743 A8 K9862
I am often accused of playing my opponents rather than my cards (alas, it is most often true)...but based on your comment here, do you think that is a bad thing? a thing to be curtailed or one to be encouraged?
Sabrina Miles's bidding problem: AJ Q43 QJ853 K95
Other than pass or double, what other calls would you consider Kieran?
Sabrina Miles's bidding problem: AJ Q43 QJ853 K95
A broken clock is correct twice a day :) 6 is lay down. 4nt makes 6. For all those 0 boards, there are also 100 boards.
Board 9 from the 04/10/2018 Common Game
What is the most effective manner for E-W to compete after N's opening 3 preempt?
Sabrina Miles's bidding problem: AJ Q43 QJ853 K95
From the common game, on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 -- Board 9. Note, those who passed 3 and left it to partner, who is equally constrained, scored a whooping 25% of the MP.
Jay Barronen's bidding problem: Kxx Axx Kxx Axxx
I don't think my p really has s. I would guess that the 2 bid was forcing and required me to further describe my hand. 2NT does so. Leaving p in opponents opening suit, when I have 3 pieces and opponent opened in 3rd seat opposite my p ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
@sathya....isn’t that why we have commentators? Not defending Bird here, but when I watch Vugraph, I like it that the commentators have opinions and views —right or wrong — the spoken commentary has added so much to the game that one must give them a pass every once in ...

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