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Sagnik Roy
Sagnik Roy
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March 31, 2014
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March 16
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Bridge Player
about me

Junior Bridge player from Kolkata,India.


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Vanderbilt,Spingold,HCL bridge championship,Ruia Gold
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Your worst mistake
Winter nationals swiss.My partner opens 1spades and my RHO overcalls 2 hearts and i bid 3 hearts.Later on the bidding my partner cue-bids 5 hearts.RHO doubles,i pass,LHO passes and my partner re-dbls to show the 1st round control.RHO passed and so did I!!!...It ...
Your worst mistake
ohh,that must have hurt :)
10 weeks
I don't understand how calling the director can be unethical.
10 weeks
Declarer must state "unblocking clubs" when claiming.And aparently she did'nt and she got what she deserved.Can't blame someone for calling the director.
Life Ban Deserved?
He was given enough chances to change.Even if he has changed now,he does not deserve another chance.
Life Ban Deserved?
Excellent points Gavin.That sums up the WHOLE issue.
Life Ban Deserved?
Our beautiful game do not need people like Dean.
Balicki/Zmudzinski Trigger/Response
Game,set and match. :) Great job Nicolas and others involved.
The Raz Rule of Two
Almost in all the boards,the contract is a good one even though it don't make(or,makeable in some cases).
With the 4th best S-2 lead there in no worry of an immidiate S ruff(unless the S-2 is a singleton).So let the S run to your hand,cash the H-A and cut off defense's communication by playing a Diamond.I believe it gives you the best chances.

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