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Sam Ehrlichman
Sam Ehrlichman
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Nov. 15, 2017
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Feb. 11
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Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: J9 AKQ632 AJ64 4
3N directly over 2 would imply a 15 count, not 3N over 3.
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: J9 AKQ632 AJ64 4
Next round of bidding:
Sam Ehrlichman's lead problem: J86 KJT73 K6 K82
Lead of J shows Q, denies K, nothing about A.
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: QJT86 KJ87 Q2 JT
I doubled at the table, but I think it was wrong. I was poorly placed after opener's two club rebid was passed around to me.
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: AKQJ73 AK8 Q5 A3
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: 86 765 QT63 AJ62
How strong?
Sam Ehrlichman's lead problem: 63 KQJ7654 9 965
25 votes in and so far only one for the (winning) K lead! East has a heart void and dummy has Axx. (I was East.) At the table, West led a diamond, which worked out poorly. East does have some diamond cards but no aces to give you a ...
Sam Ehrlichman's lead problem: 63 KQJ7654 9 965
Dummy: A974 A98 J842 AK Partner: QT - KQT73 JT8742 Declarer: KJ852 T32 A65 Q3
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: T5 AT72 J6 AJ953
My partner held this hand. I think pass and 1 are both reasonable initial actions although I weakly lean towards pass. I think the second pass is clear. My partner chose double at the table, which I interpret to mean a solid maximum for his earlier actions and tolerance ...
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: KQT842 J953 --- 974
In this partnership I am confident neither partner would play 3 this way.

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