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Sam Marks
Sam Marks
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July 29, 2010
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Teacher
United States of America

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Bridge Club of Atlanta (owner)
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Advertising your club
Very little paid advertising has worked. I advertised at local tournaments for the first year after I opened up. I also did google adwords for the first 5 years. Now, I rely mostly on word of mouth and new people to the Atlanta area using google to find me. I ...
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
No, that is the Atlanta Duplicate Bridge Club, which is still around. The BCA was founded in 2012.
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
Jeff, The Bridge Club of Atlanta is a for profit full service bridge club founded in 2012.
Advice for new club owners?
I try to maximize the extra point games. So each month I have to check the calendar for unit champ., local sectionals, regionals etc. Then schedule charity games, gnt swissses, nap game in summer, club appreciation games in October, etc. I also publish information on upcoming classes on the back ...
Advice for new club owners?
Advice for new club owners?
Good Luck!! I am the owner/manager/teacher at my club. I have no idea how many hours, not sure it would matter since it is a larger club. I use an inexpensive website developer that has worked for many clubs, My duties include: finding partner matches ...
Sam Marks's bidding problem: KQ3 J432 QT9 Q86
Board 27 from Tuesday's common game. JT AKQT965 J8 AJ
Sam Marks's bidding problem: KQ3 J432 QT9 Q86
Both resulted in a bottom board.
Sam Marks's bidding problem: KQ3 J432 QT9 Q86
The non alert of 2 gave responder UI. If partner thinks 2 is natural then 3 is forcing, looking for the best game. Therefore the UI makes bidding more attractive. Is pass a logical alternative? At the time, I did not think so, since I thought a ...
Sam Marks's bidding problem: KQ3 J432 QT9 Q86
Thank you for your votes and comments. This was actually a UI problem. 2 was not alerted and responder raised 3 to 4. My first inclination was 3 was a strange bid and all strange bids are forcing. The opponents felt 3 was invitational and ...

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