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July 29, 2010
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ACBLscore"+" - a short history
David, I have no idea how much of your story is true and what is false. However, your opinion of my team at the Atlanta Sectional is a flat out lie. I have a standing date with Patty and Kevin for the Sunday at the Atlanta Sectional going back a ...
1NT p 2NT showing diamonds
Michael, As usual you cut straight to the heart of the question. What I would like to know, which is more important over the long run? And it might be different depending on imps versus matchpoints. Clearly showing longer clubs is more important if responder has weak minors. Showing superacceptance ...
K98x vs AQ7x
We can only pick up the 5-0 break by cashing the king. You won't pick up JTxx -x because you can't finesse on the second round. It is clear to lead low to the Ace.
Yesterday, I had 12 1/2 tables. The players would rather have a 3 board sit out instead of a 2 board movement. I tried the 12 table 8 round with a East/West rover and North/South sitout at the party table. Most confusing movement I have ever run ...
Sam Marks's bidding problem: 9543 J 82 QJT654
So that would punish the innocent East/West. Should they get a bad board when it is likely that North would not have bid 3 without the hesitation.
Sam Marks's bidding problem: 9543 J 82 QJT654
Now for the rest of the story. There was a marked hesitation by South after the 2 call. North balanced with 3 . After the hand I was called back and rolled it back to 2 . Although North was sure they would always have balanced, I felt that ...
Is Great Game Products (Bridge Baron) having problems?
No never heard from them. I plan to stop selling their products to my students. The PC version has always been great but the MAC program has consistently caused my students problems trying to register and get it to work. Will see if my students like the new online program ...
Is Great Game Products (Bridge Baron) having problems?
I called last week to order more copies and left a message. They never called me back. Guess I need to start suggesting a different program for my beginners. Too bad, I love the Pat Harrington bridge lessons.
Can one run two independent instances of ACBLScore on the same computer simultaneously?
You say one copy of score but isn't one game an acm file and one game an aca file.
Bidding Review
Interesting that you think of the relationship as one of employee/employer. I think of the players as my customers. If they don't like how I run my game they go to another club 5 miles away.

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