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Samantha Punch
Samantha Punch
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Sept. 17, 2015
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Feb. 5
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about me

Professor of Sociology at the University of Stirling, UK. Working to establish the 'Sociology of Bridge' as a new academic field and leading the Keep Bridge Alive campaign. Currently undertaking several bridge research projects, such as an exploration of partnership interactions and team dynamics including gendered inequalities; and a survey on the social benefits of playing bridge.

I play bridge for Scotland - in the women's team since 2008 (semi-finalist World Bridge Games 2016; 6 UK Lady Milne wins; qualifying for Venice Cup 2019) and in the open Camrose team (2013, 2016-18).   Twitter: @soc_of_bridge

United Kingdom

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Bridge Accomplishments
Winning Transnational Commonwealth Teams in Glasgow 2014; 6 wins UK Lady Milne Home Internationals; Semi-finalist World Bridge Games 2016 in Wroclaw, qualifying for Venice Cup 2019.
Regular Bridge Partners
Paula Leslie, Stephen Peterkin, Tim Rees
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Voting for new KBA name
“it is possible Mind Sport could work, but I fear zero traction in the Americas. We have not been part of that conversation at the household level as best I can tell.“ Then isn’t it time for that to change? Something different needs to happen to raise the profile ...
Voting for new KBA name
I do agree that we need to consider clarity versus quirkiness, given that we are trying to raise the profile of the game beyond our community.
Voting for new KBA name
Thanks all, this has been really helpful and has given us lots of ideas of names for smaller studies as well as for the umbrella project name. Thanks to all the suggestions we even have the names of the drop down menus for our new website! So please don’t ...
Voting for new KBA name
It is also too similar to BridgeLife which I forgot is Stefan Skorchev’s company that runs BridgeCloud, so we couldn’t use that anyway. It also sounds a bit like a Bag for Life, and as Peg suggested, it has connotations associated with longevity and old age which could ...
Voting for new KBA name
One of my students has suggested that this would be more catchy: "Bridging: A Mind Sport for All"; as it gets across the mind sport bit, whilst avoiding the immediate negative assumptions about 'Bridge' as a game for older people (where young people just switch off when they hear the ...
Voting for new KBA name
Bridging Minds Bringing together minds that play and minds that care about the future of the mind sport. ‘Bridging’ is also the act of playing the card game - are you bridging tonight? Do you have a bridging mind? What do you think?
Voting for new KBA name
That’s why I like the name ‘Bridging Minds’ as it reflects the coming together as well as the mind sport aspect, as well as the act of ‘bridging’ - playing the game. I see that it is a little quirky but would like to think that it might catch on ...
Voting for new KBA name
We have broad aims to promote bridge to all ages as a result of research projects, so there will be different smaller studies aimed at different age groups, but the overall research spans across the life course. We’re not marketing bridge as such but are working with bridge organisations ...
Voting for new KBA name
There is a problem for using adjectives like best or greatest for an academic project where there isn’t research evidence that can back up such a claim. We are focusing on the research side of things even though the intended outcome is to use research findings in collaboration with ...
Voting for new KBA name
Such names could be used for more specifics projects aimed at young people rather than becoming the umbrella name for the wider research projects.

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