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Samuel Howle
Samuel Howle
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Aug. 3, 2015
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My Turn to Speak
I guess what I don't get is that they could have just given him a 30 day notice, paid him for those 30 days, and he'd be gone. * Okay, I read the above link. *
Bad Judgment or Bad Luck?
My partner opened 1nt, I bid Stayman, partner answered 2, I invited with 3, and partner went on to 4 and made 5 for 88%. I think it's reasonable to pass 2 at matchpoints and I almost did that myself.
The cost of a bridge game
$8 USD to play at my club, $9 for STAC games. The yearly membership fee is $15. My club is lucky in that they have paid off their mortgage, and now completely own their own land and building. I expect they will soon charge more for all since we're ...
Fanning the Flames of False Claims
I'm sure that had the board been played out that declarer would have taken the diamond finesse. That said, he made no statement when he claimed and he still made no statement after the defenders urged him to do so. "1. The Director shall not accept from claimer any ...
Curious accusation in Philadelphia
Holding your cards below the table consistently is a smart way to play.
Your Legal/Etiquette View
I never look or ask to look at an opponents hand after play is finished. That said, people have asked to see mine and I always let them. I can't imagine saying 'no, you can't see my hand!'. Why would I care? Am I supposed to be trying ...
Orders of Protection - American Pool Players Association - ACBL
To me it seems as if your fiancee should be free to join any APA tournament. If her ex also shows up and comes within 1000 feet of her she can call the police. The APA should stay out of this as much as they can, and above all should ...
Seating Seeding in clubs
At our club there is one very good pair who almost always wins, often with a 65% or better score. This good pair always sits N/S because one of them is disabled. This has caused the other good pairs to try to sit E/W so that they have ...
Is 3NT an Alert?
Your partner has the knowledge that you may not have a 4 card major, but your opponents are still left in the dark. They do not know that in your partnership the Stayman bidder does not promise a major suit.
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
From the videos above that I've clicked on, they are often lowering their heads and then scratching or rubbing places on their heads when defending. When they lift their heads back up the scratching and rubbing stops. From what I can tell, it can be seen by all at ...

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