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March 20, 2012
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Thanks for posting this hand, Adam. I have been meaning to post this hand for a while. I think it may still be worth its own post as I would like to know what Adam's logical alternatives are. If any of the three non trump suits could be an ...
For Those Interested in AI and Bridge
Based on the description provided in the paper, hcp and suit lengths were not input to the learning algorithm, rather they are the output (in addition to the next bid) of one’s partner. One can view this as what one believes its partner holds for the bidding up to ...
For Those Interested in AI and Bridge
I read the paper around May and found it quite interesting. While the conclusion and the resulting system constructed by the neural net should be interpreted with healthy skepticism, I think the authors have solved an interesting problem nonetheless. Let’s start with some limitations of the work. The first ...
A Platinum Pair
Thank you for the explanation.
A Platinum Pair
Geoff - could you tell us more why it makes sense to play standard signals at trick 1? I understand the argument to do so at NT is that one often needs to unblock and encourage at the same time; what is the main advantage when defending a suit contract? Does ...
Carmichael and Humphreys Win Mixed Pairs
Congratulations, Greg and Jenni!
What Is The Ethical Thing to Do?
With respect to the screen situation, suppose partner did remember it was flannery and explained as such, would the explanations be considered inconsistent if on the other side of the screen the possibility of forgets was mentioned?
Cut the Losses
Thanks. Yes, that was the sequence I am wondering about.
Cut the Losses
Regarding advancer's response to the overcall, would 2H be forcing by unpassed hand in your method, Kit?
Solid Suit
Thanks for the explanation.

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