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Sandeep Thakral
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Feb. 16, 2012
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July 2
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Apportion the Blame
What's so great about W hand that he needs to raise. E might and probably should bid 2s over double, but West has told his story.
The Greatest Play
I'm late to the party, but yes, I did want to point to this play by Gokhale. If the solution goes a step ahead of this, it certainly beats me unless the declarer can actually read this play and duck J
Recovering from partner's leads
For you to beat the contract you need declarer to hold 3 spades and 5 diamonds. With 6 of them he has tricks. You also need him to hold a void in hearts. If he has one, you can't stop the contract. So playing declarer for 3055 without CA ...
Responsibility for missed slam
At the very least he shd consider a cue bid instead of lazily bidding 4h
Fit Non-Jump or Natural Non-Forcing
A fit jump that forces you a level higher doesn't make sense.. 1 2 2 3 is a much stronger candidate for fit non jump. Here partner has a good diamond suit not suitable for 3 opening. whether he has clubs or not is ...
A really quickie - What do you play at trick three?
It does depend on agreement. If pd is expected to play 7 from 8754 and 874 we have no solution. Perhaps pd shd play the count card regardless of honor here.
ATB: Missed Slam (corrected)
West has a clear cue raise of 5C. 4n suggests a defensive hand, his bidding 5S after double of 4nt doesn't make it a slammish hand. It says C stack with a raise to 5.
Incomplete explanation of an alerted bid
Wonder what your reasons were for asking the meaning of 2S. Were you ever going to act? If not, whatever NS's infringement, yours was certainly worse.
Plan the defence 2
No you only need SQ and DJ. You can count declarer for 5 c, 1h, 1d . If he has s aq, it we be hard to talk him out of finesse. So assume he has at best AJT. Now you don't need the D Q. Jxxx is enough. Play ...
Nightmare with Nine [Declarer Play Problem]
Why not just duck the first heart. Now they can't hurt you.
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