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Aug. 23, 2015
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FRIEDLAND Disqualified From Reynolds Spring KO
Timo, that would be helpful. After all, someone else in the same household might come and kibitz without passing information to the player that they live with. In that case both computers would have the same IP address (I believe - but maybe I'm wrong!) but nothing sinister is afoot ...
Atb on a missed slam
I mentioned earlier in this thread that I didn't think getting to slam was reasonable but it also seems odd to entitle a poll "missed game" when 7 is making (and feel that if I called it a missed game I'd get comments pointing out that slam ...
Three-card raises--- are they automatic?
I too worship the God of Spades but agree with what I think both Davids are saying (and which Mike said somewhere else), that you should have one usual method of bidding with this shape and bidding your suits in a different order should show some extra values, rather than ...
Atb on a missed slam
They were playing fairly vanilla 2/1
Atb on a missed slam
I don't think we were likely to get to slam, and certainly not to 7, but it does feel a bit horrible to defend 4 undoubled when you have a making grand your way.
Atb on a missed slam
Sorry, I've never made a poll like this and didn't even really clock that a multiple answer poll was possible. It was, indeed, meant to be single answer.
It doesn't really matter that East can guess that there's been a mess-up: his partner won't guess that his 2H bid is natural in this spot. Exactly this sort of thing happened to me about 18 months ago: I knew from my hand that the bid was ...
It doesn't really matter if we think North might have bid 3S, it matters whether the director polled a sufficiently large sample of North's peers and found that North had indeed chosen from his LAs one not suggested by the UI (ie that 3S was not an LA ...
Trick 1 Pause, Platinum Pairs
"Kit, I don't see what the difference is between saying "I have no problem with this trick" and thinking about the hand and taking time after all 4 hands have played to the first trick." One problem is that not everyone who claims not to be thinking about this ...
Department of Large Penalties
That was a different event (Mixed Trials, the thread is about a hand from the Summer Congress) but it's safe to say that we weren't too worried about how that would compare :)

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