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Sarik Goyal
Sarik Goyal
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May 20, 2018
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10 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
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Northwestern University Class of 2021, USBF Junior

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Kyle Rockoff, Daniel Weiss
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Northwestern DBC (owner)
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Non Life Master
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2/1 GF
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How many !Ds to respond 1!D instead of 1!S?
It seems extreme to me to respond 1 with T654 - AQJxxxxxx - The problem isn’t when partner rebids 1NT — it is when partner raises spades. In all of my partnerships, after partner raises spades, it is not possible to play in diamonds. But with the above hand, it is ...
You be the Comittee .
Maybe the ruling should be 6-1!
Is this restricted choice
Max, I completely agree. I was just pointing out that restricted choice is not based on a singleton honor being twice as likely as QJ doubleton, as was implied. This is similar to how the odds slightly favor playing for the drop in a 9-card fit despite a 3-1 break ...
Is this restricted choice
If your RHO plays the J, I fail to see how they could have a singleton Q.
Is this restricted choice
That was not really what I meant. I was trying to say that you either expect an opponent to lead the Q from QJ or you expect them to randomize roughly equally. If the former, then there is no restricted choice.
Is this restricted choice
In practice, a player either plays equivalent cards randomly or doesn’t, so restricted choice applies or it doesn’t.
Is this restricted choice
Yes, for a good player they are equally likely. My point is some newer players will always follow with the lowest card, and if this is the case, there is no restricted choice if they play the J (and you have a 100% guess if they play the Q).
Is this restricted choice
Of course there are other considerations in both cases, but “restricted choice” is not one of them. If someone holds QJx, the lead of the Q and the lead of the J are not equally likely, hence no restricted choice. This is similar to the case where if you know ...
Rock, Paper, Scissors
I don’t understand the value of opening 1 with the West hand...
Dummy play on the bad claim of 6NT
I believe putting the suit led consistently on a specific side is actually against ACBL laws, as it helps declarer remember the opening lead. Maybe you were only referring to the order (and not the position) of the suit though.

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