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Emily Middleton's bidding problem: K9 JT7543 AKQ A8
It all depends on what 'quite light' means. With my current P, we've degraded them to the point where we just play new suit bids as constructive NF.
Sasha Cooper's bidding problem: A4 AT 8654 AKJ54
Simon Cope's bidding problem: AQ9876 AK K873 T
If I can't double on this hand, I'm not sure what a 'flexible' double would look like.
József Szikszai's bidding problem: KJ32 AKQJ853 --- AK
On this auction, P doesn't need the Q to make grand good.
BW 2/1: Opener's Jump Rebid
Thanks for clarifying, Michael. I've seen one or two hands where responder's suit was the better place to play, but also found that they're in such a narrow band that they're decently described by a jump to 5 of their minor (what else could that mean ...
What's a sensible defence against short-diamond Mini-Roman?
Thanks for the suggestions all. Do those who're more familiar with this stuff know whether (34)15 hands would traditionally be included in the bid?
What's a sensible defence against short-diamond Mini-Roman?
That link doesn't seem to reference the Precision diamond. Is it the one you meant to post? They're playing 1 as 3+, so my plan was to just treat it much as we would a SAYC 1.
Best Use of 2 Diamond Opening
Normally it would have a 4-point range - 9-12 or 10-13. Unlikely to be winning any popularity polls, though.
Best Use of 2 Diamond Opening
I've seen this a few times, but it seems odd to me - why not reverse the two? You're less likely to be taken for a telephone number on the weaker hands, and because the 2 opener will be guaranteeing a 6-card sui it'll be much easier ...
Best Use of 2 Diamond Opening
I've played the system a little at rubber bridge, and can attest to its power. Alerting can be a pain, though: *Passes* *Alerts* 'Yes please'? 'Denies a singleton 7, straight flush or 4 of a kind'

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