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Scott Stearns
Scott Stearns
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Basic Information

Member Since
June 14, 2011
Last Seen
July 3
Member Type
Bridge Player
about me

I don't play at the moment.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
my first swiss vs Meckwell
Bridge Accomplishments
not as many as I'd like
Favorite Tournaments
Greenville, SC; Atlanta, GA, NABCs
Favorite Conventions
Weak NT; Flannery
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
FRIEDLAND Disqualified From Reynolds Spring KO
Logging into another account and joining your own table as a kibitzer. You can see all four hands. Of course playing against the robots I could see all four and my finesses would still lose.
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
Yeah, I just automatically plan for 3-1 now.
RIP Don Caton
He finished 2nd in a Life Master Pairs playing with Homer Shoop (who endowed the King of Bridge scholarship) - Don and Homer shared a love of tennis-, which is about the equivalent of 3 NABC titles with a regular partner. I asked him what happened that he didn't win ...
ACBL tourneys on BBO- who is monitoring the ethics?
I get leads like that all the time, but it's the cotdang computer, so I know they're cheating.
Light Overcall
One thing about the overcall is that with the system, the strong hand is on lead, and will blow a trick about 1/3 of the time. That trick may win IMPS, or may annoy the opponent. Plus, if it's a disaster, at least partner has to play it.
Does BBO favour north-south
If your contract depends on the finesse, my unscientific guess is they work about 10%. If for a meaningless overtrick, they're about 90%.
Does BBO favour north-south
finesses for the contract don't work 50% of the time, and I will fight you on that.
Seeking tips for playing against BBO robots
I haven't found the first that true, but the last three for sure. Also, if it's a choice between they have underled a king or a singleton, it's a singleton. They almost never underlead kings. Just because they lead a doubleton and got a ruff doesn't ...
Summer NABC Moved
omg. On and on with this ACBL Official. It was an integral part of the joke. Let it be.
Invitations and Acceptances
A haiku: Invite aggressive Accept aggressively Go down a lot Aieeeeeeee

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