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Scott Stearns
Scott Stearns
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June 14, 2011
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4 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I don't play at the moment.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
my first swiss vs Meckwell
Bridge Accomplishments
not as many as I'd like
Favorite Tournaments
Greenville, SC; Atlanta, GA, NABCs
Favorite Conventions
Weak NT; Flannery
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Open San Francisco Discussion Thread
Let me introduce you to something called inflation...
Question for Accountants (of benefit to Pros)
Helping you as in playing with you? No, that's a professional arrangement. Helping you as in answers your questions from time to time, you go out to dinner to go over hands? Probably depends on the mood of the auditor that day.
Question for Accountants (of benefit to Pros)
Professional gamblers may claim an overall net loss. Be prepared to back up the professional gambler claim.
Devil's Coup?
I had one come up that you pretty much fell into since you were crossruffing everything. I was fortunate to be able to ruff behind the opponents - if the suits were switched I would have just gone down a lot. But, after partner complimented me on how I played it ...
And the Winner Is...
It is most certainly NOT a national team competition. Zones are granted the authority to send teams however they wish, and most choose to use national teams, but that is not the requirement. There have been many many threads on Bridgewinners with this particular whine. Look them up. Look on ...
And the Winner Is...
Well, I can't help if you're just et up with ignorance. The World Team Championships are organized on a zonal basis. The country by country championships, that used to be called the Olympiad, are the ones where each country gets exactly one representative, and the US does indeed ...
And the Winner Is...
USA1 and USA2 really ought to change their name to Zone2A and Zone2B, since the Bermuda Bowl is a zonal competition. They're representing the zone and not their country. So there's your whining shot down.
And the Winner Is...
I'm laying serious $$ that it's USA2.
Ethical Or Not?
Allow me to be a bit of a devil's advocate, his partner's smooth tempo meant that she was sure she *thought* she knew what her bid meant, not that she was sure her bid showed a LR. The main source of Hank's knowledge appears to come from ...
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
Actually, when I was a junior-ish, I'd pull out a dollar and offer it to them for an unsolicited lesson. Worked pretty well.

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