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about me

Long time player and director, here to report the facts to YOU!  I've heard many people say they would never want my job, but perhaps after hearing some of my stories, they will change their minds.  There may be some difficult tournaments to work and long days, but the good times make up for it all.  I hope everyone enjoys.

I am an official TD but the opinions expressed are solely my own and do not represent the ACBL in any way.

United States of America

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How to take NO tricks with the AK of trump
When I first started this series, the ACBL received some complaints. In order to continue the series, I needed to add a disclaimer.
At a tournament not too long ago, an elderly woman approached the directors and said she thought there was a terrorist sitting close to her. She said that this person was standing near her table, speaking a foreign language and had a backpack on. She pointed out who it was ...
Have you discussed your methods?
I was mostly responding to those questioning my knowledge of laws. I also thought the idea was interesting, which is why I posted about it (along with finding it humorous).
Have you discussed your methods?
While that's true, I've written quite a lot of articles here. I think they have been taken in the humorous view I intended for them to be. I certainly hope that's true. My goal in writing for bridgewinners is to add a little lightheartedness and laughter to ...
Have you discussed your methods?
My articles are (intended) to be light and humorous. Yes, having methods is illegal, that's why I thought it was funny. Obviously people have taken me all too seriously. It saddens me.
Director, Help!
It was a big seeded KO from a nationals within the last year. That's as much as I'll say (and I'll add this was on day 1) ;)
How Long is 10 Seconds?
That's not entirely true. That time is also for everyone else at the table to be considering their action. If you pass immediately because you had nothing to think about, but your LHO needed time to consider (no more than the ten seconds you should have taken), then it ...
Pop Quiz: Which one is Michaels?
For the director's sake, I'd include the second clause. I would really hate to get that call back (and I'm SURE I would, at least some part of the time).
Pop Quiz: Which one is Michaels?
After South looked at me pleadingly, I told West that it wasn't. Perhaps I overstepped my duties, but I felt I should help.
Does he have his bid?
And you never will. Since I was not called back to the table, I never saw North's hand. Sorry. I wasn't really posting the story so people could analyze whether South had his bid, it was mostly something I found unbelievable/amusing that I wanted to share.
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