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Shawn Drenning
Shawn Drenning
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March 14, 2011
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about me

Austin, TX player.  Trying to get better.

United States of America

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I have been on the cover of popular bridge publications such as the ACBL bridge bulletin
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Austin Bridge Center
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FRIEDLAND Disqualified From Reynolds Spring KO
"Whether ACBL finds this accusation violates CDR 3.17 or not is a point of interes" Not to me (I don't see why it would be though). I'm glad to see that BBO is catching cheaters and the fact that they are/have here is what I think ...
Becoming good at counting cards?
I used to play on BBO with the GIB (four random hands, not a format where you always have the most HCP) and make my goal of every hand (even the nothing ones) to know everyone's shape/HCP distribution by the end of the hand. I'm not sure ...
Off-topic: Alternative Corona Pastime: Killer Sudoku
I watched the "miracle" Sudoku Nick linked though and it seemed (to me) to have none of what you described (yet the solver seemed very excited by the puzzle)
Off-topic: Alternative Corona Pastime: Killer Sudoku
Ian: No, I've never understood it either. It strikes me as very algorithmic and that you just one by one go through grid applying known rules (I admit I haven't tried very many, so maybe I am missing something). I commented to a friend I would probably have ...
Virus vaccine certificate
"good luck with discriminating and kicking them out for not willing to share it with you" I do not see why this would be difficult (I do not think it would be discrimination in any legal sense that would be forbidden, but I'm not a lawyer). If someone refuses ...
Kibitz the Pros!
It may not be as frequent, but you can also do this for FREE through the events Shrieen Mohandes has been organizing. I'm not 100% sure how to figure out when the next event will be if you want to kibitz live, but the videos of previous events can ...
Adjusting for misclicks
Ignoring your actual question (I'm strongly against adjusting for misclicks), your decision to adjust to 2NT does not make sense to me. If W bids 2NT, E surely has a raise to 3NT. I suppose you might get to 2NT if W bids 2S and E decides she is ...
ACBL BBO online ruling question
I think you overestimate the average club player. Even if W recognized that he is *supposed* to have more major suit cards here, he may not appreciate the need to specifically disclose the lengths he promises especially if he isn't really sure(and in any event, he explained his ...
ACBL BBO online ruling question
" they know opps are going to assume 55 or at least 54." There is nothing in the OP that supports this statement.
ACBL BBO online ruling question
Assuming this was in an online ACBL game (or something similar), I cannot imagine calling the director here. There is a good chance that opponents do not really know what they are doing and just made a bid *you* would not have made (and disclosed what it meant to them ...

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