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Shawn Drenning
Shawn Drenning
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March 14, 2011
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4 hours ago
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about me

Just moved from NYC to Austin, TX.

United States of America

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I have been on the cover of popular bridge publications such as the ACBL bridge bulletin
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Austin Bridge Center
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Silver Life Master
Ethics of Taking Advantage of Hitches
If I were always planning to take a line I don't think I'd try to get a score adjustment (maybe file a recorder if it were blatant), but playing low towards dummy and then deciding what to do based on what both LHO and RHO do seems reasonable ...
Is ACBL Aiming for Ridicule?
I'm happy to see the ACBL listened to the feedback from some of the players who actually participated in this event and lengthened the time you had to complete the boards. To make things even better and address some of the concerns in this thread (although undoubtedly people will ...
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: JT764 5 AKT863 6
So people play xx is to play and demands a pass and passing is just a suggestion to play 5dx and everything else is as if they didn't interfere? At the table N redoubled, but unsure if we were on same page I pulled as S. Both 5d and ...
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: JT764 5 AKT863 6
5 shows 1 or 4 spade key cards, not diamond key cards
What's partner up to?
Maybe he doesn't want N to get a chance to make his next call (which surely isn't passing out 2ntx)?
Shawn Drenning's bidding problem: AQ852 Q876 Q9 T7
Unfortunately, I do not know. At the table there was a BIT by north over 2, which is reason for poll.
Sharp Practice?
It seems you are not convinced "Mr. Sharp" made an honest mistake, so regardless of the ruling it seems like this is worth filing a recorder form (or whatever the equivalent is in your jurisdiction). One hand doesn't really mean anything, but if he really is being "sharp" here ...
For Those Interested in AI and Bridge
Heh, I don't like, but that's fine. To me there is a big difference between optimizing the bidding when opponents do not bid because they likely wouldn't bid and when they don't bid because the model enforces it. How much this affects results I don't ...
For Those Interested in AI and Bridge
If there are eight outstanding hearts and opponents are silent the odds of say an 8-0 split go down or maybe I'm missing something about their approach?
For Those Interested in AI and Bridge
Yes, but if your assumption is that opponents don't compete, but the way you evaluate your results is inconsistent with that assumption how meaningful are the results? I thought the paper was interesting, but to my untrained eye did not seem to have much substance in terms of advancing ...

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