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Shawn Drenning
Shawn Drenning
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March 14, 2011
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Austin, TX player.  Trying to get better.

United States of America

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I have been on the cover of popular bridge publications such as the ACBL bridge bulletin
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Austin Bridge Center
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Sam Shawn
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2 over 1
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We Need a Better Mousetrap
My understanding is that this is a fairly common way to play. It seems different to me than a (say) SAYC sequence where opener can cheaply rebid her suit to avoid getting too high. Here won't 3/3 frequently be where you want to play?
Meanwhile in San Antonio
Regardless of whether you think it is a good idea, I'm curious Daniel whether you're empowered to run the District 16 tournaments you chair this way or whether you need some higher approval?
Meanwhile in San Antonio
Frequently when there is an A/X Swiss combined with bracketed Swiss, players with a certain number of masterpoints are forced to play in the A/X. I would eliminate that requirement. I would prefer the format typical in northern California to the one district 16 uses (the Sunday swisses ...
We Need a Better Mousetrap
Not entirely related, but I've never liked in these sequences that with a balanced 12-14 (or whatever your weaker than 1NT range is) and a spade stopper I have to make same non-forcing 2NT bid regardless of where in range I am.
Meanwhile in San Antonio
Yeah, that's one problem with expanding the top bracket. That's why I like the (possibly not allowed) format of an open event combined with a bracketed event with no upper limit so that the strong players can self select the open event and the weaker players with lots ...
Meanwhile in San Antonio
The bracket sizes were determined by the directors. I heard the DIC say that earlier in the week there were fewer teams per bracket, but they exercised their discretion (I am not sure how much discretion they had, but they had some) to change it. The mini-Soloway format did not ...
Meanwhile in San Antonio
I am reasonably certain unless my age estimates are also way off that I was one half of the youngest pair you played against. Some random thoughts on your post. I try to recruit teammates with lots of masterpoints when I can so I can avoid the "mushy middle" of ...
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: AKQT32 J4 AT3 J3
It is not stated, but assuming they play Texas transfers I would interpret 4NT as a quant invite with 5 spades. How do you show a quant invite with 5 spades if you do not play Texas (which from reading Bridgewinners seems to be common in Great Britain)?
Soft Question on Bridge vs Chess vs Backgammon
It always baffles me when declarer goes into the tank, finally comes out and draws the first round of trump with the ace all following low and then goes back into the tank.
Robert Mason's bidding problem: AQJ42 T95 KQ3 K3
How about if you switch the heart/diamond suit?

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