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Shawn Young
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Need urgent help
" With such a hand, I would have bid my longer minor over 1♠. " Amen.
1993 Kansas City Spring NABC Appeals Committee Decisions now available online
Please look at bidding Case 18
What should east-west have done?
Hi David, If a 2 overcall is well below expectations white-on-white, what are the expectations? A Junior at heart, I would struggle not to overcall here. Thanks.
Thomas Bessis invokes Rabbi's Rule
"Yesterday, Thomas Bessis of France did just that in the Alt Invitational IV on BBO, but when he did he played *with* the odds." So, an Orthodox rabbi. I'll get my coat.
Opening 15-17 NT with 5 card Major
This. I'm inclined to open 1NT with a ratty 5-card major, but not with a good one.
Would you ever consider a tactical pass?
At rock-bottom we've got a nine-card fit, half the points, and I get to be dummy which should set up a spade ruff or two. The tactical pass might work but I'm supporting Partner's suit because I think that'll work more often.
Easier than Ten
Could there be more value in a Relay system where the game-forcing response to a 16+ club is almost always 1? Assuming we want to play in a Major or NT most of the time, this will have the big opener playing all the contracts for sure. In ...
Thinking about Tampa NABC, and a possible solution.
I'd never want to argue with a bookie, not even a retired one... I'll ask for a point of clarification instead. Do you think we need a vaccine in the vein of a small-pox vaccine (virtual eradication) or is something like the flu vaccine (works for most ...
March 11 Statement from ACBL (hidden in news feed)
Thing is, whenever someone repeatedly says "it's not about the money"...'s almost always about the money.
Has Panic & Fear Overwhelmed Us? Far worse than COVID-19
Thanks for your post and comments in various threads Jonathan. Your facts are pertinent and your opinions are well-reasoned. (Now can you do something about the Canadian Peso so our travel to US-based events is more economical?)

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