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Shawn Young
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Sept. 15, 2015
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The Three and a Half Cs
I'd rather go with one C: corpse. That is, they're out 'til they're dead. Once they're dead they can apply for reinstatement, vote in American elections, haunt the living, whatever they like. 'Til then, tough luck. As to the rest of us trying to figure out ...
Buchwald on Bridge
I often wonder if I'm the only person ever who found Buchwald tiresome and not at all funny.
Why I suck at matchpoints
Punny stuff...
Helgemo and Helness situation
A bit shocking, as if you murder 77 of your dear Norwegian countrymen and shoot 300 more, you're on for 21 years' preventive detention (minimum tariff: ten years) with a private gym and video games.
2019 Cavendish Pairs in Monaco
...and even the draw for the first round has some seeding but that's it. It doesn't matter whether you got to the World Cup by beating out a big team like Gibraltar or a stiff team like Italy.
The Super Bowl, Kim Jong Un, Cricket and Bridge
Not an official account sadly. Worth a look though, esp. for the joyous 'thongs' celebrating in Venezuela.
My first month away from the game
I disagree with this approach suggested. If one is exactly protesting the ACBL's readmission of a certain miscreant after a measure of time, to then fix an amount of time that one will be away and then return immediately after is somewhere between silliness and logical hypocrisy. Let me ...
Develop Tricks
I do love this series, especially the element of "X looks best, but you opt to do Y--let's see what happens next". That said, I think this one challenges for the KK record of suboptimal actions, with at least four: Bidding 3 when you are not willing to ...
A curiousity... Burt Marks proves bridge is a game of skill
I had a story passed on to me from one of the 1960s California cases. I will have to ask which case it was. Testifying on behalf on the Bridge Club (or a player?) was one Mr. Lew Mathe. Under direct examination, Mathe was asked if he was an expert ...
Gender and Bridge in 'the Zone'
Please do provide evidence where women "outperform men at all levels in ...maths". No woman has won the Abel prize. Amongst the, um, Juniors set, I think women have won one of fifty-plus Fields medals (Mirzakhani, 2014, Riemann surfaces). Was a huge deal when it happened.

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