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Jan. 24, 2019
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Tues July 9th BB 2007-10-09 Final Seg 2-6 Netherlands vs Norway
I would invite with the East hand. We can't afford not to be in 25 point games. It would mean that we would also be in game with 16 opposite 8, which will often make. If partner has 4 or 5 spades then I'm very happy to be ...
Board 9 2 July Practice BB 2007 Semi-final 1/6
Used the old version of BBO. Didn't work to start with, and somehow corrected itself!
Board 9 2 July Practice BB 2007 Semi-final 1/6
When I first imported the hand into my article, it didn't work and I just got the 'green line' which was why I posted the link in a comment. Now it's working! Magic!
BOARD ASSIGNMENTS, Bermuda Bowl Match - July 2, 2019
I'll do Board 7 - neither Felicity or Judith could play this week.
Board 9 2 July Practice BB 2007 Semi-final 1/6 Hopefully this link will work to show the hand - it wouldn't let me edit my post!
Hand 32 Forum June 25
Our 2NT is forcing.
Board 28 - 25 June
Our opponents had a similar auction, but just bid 6NT over the 2NT response. Like you, I don't like the 2NT response either - I can't really see an upside to it, but lots of downsides!
Hand 32 Forum June 25
We play our 2NT rebid as 18-19 and can include 4 card support for partner. Over 2NT partner bid 4D (minorwood) and I corrected to 6S over 6D. Our 1D:1S:4S shows a hand that would be 4522, that wants to be in game, so can be less than ...
Brd 27 June 25 BB 2007 Sweden V Netherlands 6/6
Our opponents were a bit more sensitive to Souths 1NT bid over 1D (1H) and only bid 2H. I didn't double, because partner might have stretched to bid 1NT as a passed hand (I would have doubled over 3H), but partner had enough to double herself. We got +300.
Board 26, 25th June, Sweden vs Netherlands 6/6
We had all people at our table. E and S passed and West opened 2S. 3H from N, 3S from E and 4H from South ended the auction.

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