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Shireen Mohandes
Shireen Mohandes
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April 9, 2014
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about me

I live and work in London, England. My profession is "Business Analyst" in the Broadcast and Advertising Industry.

I compete in events in the UK, USA (about once every 7 nationals). Have played in festival and championships in many countries (25+) so I appreciate the need to adapt to the conditions of the contest, variations of regulations that apply to the event.

I write a regular 2-3 page column for a UK title called Bridge, published by MrBridge. In the past i've written for 5 other titles.

My current series of articles focus on bridge between 1925 and 1965.

Am researching the life of S J Simon and Carmel Withers and would appreciate any input from people.

I sometimes direct at clubs.

A long time ago I read the laws of bridge. I re-read the parts that have changed and are important. I think it is important to know the rules (not the really obscure ones) and I also thing that it is great idea to follow them. This levels the playing field.

I would like people to come to the table with a completed convention card. Sometimes I want to look for something without them knowing what I am trying to find out it. If I need details I ask.  The response "I don't have a card, just ask me and I will tell you", is just terrible.

When I can improve on something or disagree with something, instead of ranting, I write to the authorities to ask them to reconsider the matter.

Along with Andy Bowles, we warmly invite bridge players to participate in Online Barbu  (see ). If you are interested you will be in the good company of fellow bridge players.

United Kingdom

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Andy Bowles
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Young Chelsea (London, England)
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Fall Nationals, USA
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Rosenkrantz double of splinters
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corrected, thanks
The Mysterious "Sunday Times" Article
You might like to look at this amazing video clip from the event, here. It is only 1 min and 40 seconds long
Post 20. S.A.C.C, Contract Bridge & Sir Hugh Clayton - Analysis of the very first recorded hand of Bridge played to a contract. Tuesday 1st January 2019
I know how hard it can be to research things from that era. Thank you for going to the trouble of writing this article for us to read.
Danish players, help please regarding Johannes Thorning Tornbjerg Petersen
1934 Whilst on the same subject, I have photos of these people: Johan Warburg, A Harloff, Andreas Moller, Dr Sven Nandrup, CCU Ramsing, R Rosenlov. We have matched up Ramsing with his photo, so just need to put names to faces for the other men. 1948 Finally, we would like ...
News from the Hungarian bridge lovers
Just looked at records from earlier sessions. Very impressive. Well done to everyone.
Boxed Card ???
Dale, I sent OED "Barbu" for inclusion, years ago. Pretty easy to verify … still not there. When I started playing in the 80s I recall the phrase being used at The Acol Bridge club. Cards were boxed all the time because dummy kept on asking to see declarer's hand ...
Bridge Players and the movie world
see my article here in the press release it said that they went to some duplicates and a sectional to understand a bit more and prepare them.
Bridge Players and the movie world
I know a bridge player who played daleks in the early series of Dt Who. I don't think he wants people to know about it.
Bridge Players and the movie world
2 members of Blur play bridge.
Shireen Mohandes's bidding problem: KJT AQ8752 AQ8 7
some people who are not on BW or have chosen to reply to me privately have voted like this: 2D = 12 votes 3H = 5 votes 3d = 2 votes 2s = 1 vote 4c = 1 vote I imagine that broadly speaking they match the profile of the current respondents.

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