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Sibrand van Oosten
Sibrand van Oosten
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Basic Information

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May 18, 2016
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16 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I'm 21, Dutch/American but play for the German Junior Team because I grew up in Germany. My profile pic shows me raiding the cabinet my parents kept boards and bidding boxes in, roughly two decades ago. :)

I'm available for BBO tournaments, however since I currently live in Brussels they should start no later than around midnight CET. You can contact me via


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Traveling across the globe playing tournaments and making friends
Bridge Accomplishments
Bronze at the 2019 u-26 Euros
Regular Bridge Partners
I currently play online with many different partners, my Junior team partner is Leo Vornkahl
Member of Bridge Club(s)
BC Crash, the Netherlands; Youth BC, Germany
Favorite Tournaments
youth events, especially White House Juniors Internationals in Amsterdam. Hope to come back to Amsterdam in 2021!
Favorite Conventions
Two-way Checkback, Transfer-Lebensohl and of course the Stripe-Tailed Ape Double. After all, I'm a junior :D
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
No <50% boards
My funny story isn't about boards but about sessions: In the german pairs division 2 years ago my partner and I scored below 50% in all five sessions, but only got relegated by a margin of 5MP in a field with 26 pairs. (Our session results were: 48.06 ...
A question on discarding
I really don't like the way this is displayed. When I see two hands with the bidding in the left corner I automatically assume that my hand is the hand on the right and the dummy is the one at the top... Not your fault of course but it ...
Sibrand van Oosten's bidding problem: AT42 A A763 K975
Yes, the 1NT opening is 10-13 here, so a rebid shows 14-16. I guess the big question here is whether 2 shows a strong hand or can be this hand type where you don't want to bid 1NT and are looking for a minor fit
Sibrand van Oosten's bidding problem: AT42 A A763 K975
Hi Richard, normally I would have chosen to open 1, but my partner really wants me to just open 1 and doesn't mind me rebidding 1NT even with a singleton. Playing transfers has its benefits: you can let partner play the spades if he has a ...
Sibrand van Oosten's bidding problem: AT42 A A763 K975
Do you think that the 1♠ bid and responses to it should be treated differently after a 1 intervention? Here's another poll:
Sibrand van Oosten's bidding problem: AT42 A A763 K975
Do you think that the 1 bid and responses to it should be treated differently if opponents pass? Here's another poll:
Peter Gill's bidding problem: --- AK96 J98654 QJT
At the 2017 Bermuda Bowl this occurred in the RR match Brazil-Netherlands. The bidding started something like 1X - 1 2X - 3 or 1X - 1 1NT - 3. on both tables. The Dutch knew their system and bid 7, the Brazilians unfortunately didn't, and scored a ...
Table presence?
I completely understand NS frustration about the hesitation, but in my opinion, a hesitation here is more likely to show AQ. What I'm wondering is why declarer didn't play the J.
What would it take for Bridge to match this?
Bridge most certainly is an adrenaline sport for me :)
Thomas Gotard's bidding problem: Q842 84 K987 T54
I don't think this hand has the strength to envision anything but a 3 preempt :)

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