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Looking for a team to join for 12th World Transnational Open Team Championship held in Wuhan China (September 23-28)
who will you play with?
Why don't DBL?
I'm surprised for Helness open with this hand too, but he did. I don't want to involve anything about blame, but very interested for top experts how to consider this kind of question. i.e. Afraid for can't bid hearts on safe level etc.
ATB Spingold Slam
4 by east should be cue bid in club(which the suit west skipped ), hold AK, east must bid it. In west's view, east hand could be KQx AKxx xx QJxxx
Non Pro Turkish Pair wins the European Champ Open Pairs!
Jacoby 2NT?
I play 2 ways Drury and 1NT still semi-forcing, so named 2NT as minors with max. hand.
Ridiculous results, doubled or redoubled
I have lost 4940 or 24 IMPs in single board in a team game. Both said have 13 winners,one side void and 2 losers in the other side suit. At both table, we doubled 7M and made wrong lead. If both table made right lead, we can get 1000 ...
Which one is the catch all bid?
I think a 4th suit forcing in 2/1 auction isn't an asking bid but a descriptive bid, must be a 3-2-3-5 without stopper in , otherwise you have another bid. So, there is no catch all bid for opener, all bids are suggest to final contract. i.e ...
Your Precision Opener?
You play 4-4-1-5 less one 2 open and 2 open don't promise 6 cards, what's the different between 2 and 2 open with 4-3(3-4)-1-5 hand, 2 need better suit?
1NT response to 1M open while playing 2/1
I noticed some experts play semi forcing 1NT when non-Vul, and forcing when Vul, because 1NT will down a lot when responder hold very weak hand and a long suit,especially when they don't play WJS.
BetaBridge? A bit better?
I don't so care when computer can beat human in bridge. But I think it's a very interesting question because that's a problem must inter-work between two computers, quite different with Alpha Go.

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