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What should the selectors do?
What is the time interval between the European Championships just concluded and the Bermuda Bowl? A good performance by a given pair in the former should certainly be strongly taken into account in determining selection for the latter. However, the longer the gap between the 2 events, the more discretion ...
I agree with the above comments. With a stronger 5-5 shape, opener may bid fourth suit forcing (3 in this case).
Simon Mostyn's bidding problem: --- A87 AK64 AQ9742
For the record, partner’s hand was JT9862 KT962 D Q C 6 and South’s hand was AK7543 J JT85 J5
Simon Mostyn's bidding problem: --- A87 AK64 AQ9742
My thought process at the table was that with a void it was quite likely that LHO would raise. I thought I would be better placed after p - (2) - 3- (3! / 4) - p - p (when I can describe my extra values and approximate shape nicely ...
A bad start
I let North change their bid unless I am certain that North would not allow me to change my call had the situation been reversed.
Utility of a 3-card super-accept raise over Jacoby Transfers and a Strong NT
Brett, if you don’t open a strong NT with Andy’s hand, assuming natural rebids, you have created a difficult (some would say impossible) rebid problem for yourself after 1 - 1M. Nor do you have a clear-cut rebid after 1 - 2.
4NT Natural
Andy, I have an agreement with at least one partner that 4NT in your 1st sequence should be natural. On the basis that a forcing 3 is available with 3-card spade support and that if responder wishes to set diamonds as trumps, responder bids 4. I haven’t ...
Is there an expert standard here?
Sorry I should have been clearer and have now edited the article. In the version of Bergen which I play, major suit raises become progressively from 2NT (GF/ Jacoby). So 3 is the limit raise and 3 is the mixed raise in each case with 4+ card trump ...
So, you're playing 2/1 with an expert partner with a not very extensive discussion period...
For me, the 2 rebid already confirmed 6 hearts in opener's hand, but that's a question of style of course. Depends on whether opener's reverses (e.g. 1 - 2 - 2 ) show extras - I now play that they don't and 2NT is the ...
Bermuda Bowl Q&A
Very enjoyable discussion, thanks both!

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