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March 2, 2017
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David Eddleston's bidding problem: 54 AK5 AKJ9732 3
I see I have made very much a minority choice but I like 1X:1Y:3NT to show around 8 playing tricks in opener’s suit and denying a primary fit in responder’s suit. Obviously the singleton C isn’t ideal.
Anthony Pettengell's bidding problem: A43 KQ72 K984 K3
If we have a clear partnership agreement that 3 is forcing, I agree that that’s the best bid. If not, I temporise with 3. Now if partner bids 3N, I’ll correct to 4, showing mild slam interest.
Andy Bowles's bidding problem: KT9764 9 AT54 J8
Close for me between pass and abstain. Andy, at this vulnerability, is there not a strong case for a 3 opening though?
Do you open this hand in 1st seat Love All at IMPs?
Sorry Phil, my ignorance for not realising that “Love All” wasn’t used internationally. The expression is commonplace here in England. Neither side vulnerable.
ATB - Teams knockout match (24 boards)
I was North at the other table. My partner also opened 4 and it went all pass. I briefly contemplated advancing, but as slam requires partner to have a 1st round control in one minor and 2nd round control in the other (assuming they find the right lead), I ...
Bidding minor suit hands after partner opens 2NT
After 2NT, I play in all my partnerships that 3 is a game force (at least) with both minors and with a single-suited hand interested in slam, 2-under slam tries at the 4-level. Thus:- 2NT - 4 shows slam interest with 6+ card hearts. Opener can co-operate with 4 ...
Have you booked your rooms in Istanbul?
I am not going to comment on the politics but on the logistics/ admin. The venue was originally Opatija (Croatia), then moved to Kusadasi and now it’s apparently going to be Istanbul. Very interesting city but I might delay booking until a week before the event in case there ...
David Eddleston's bidding problem: AJ Q98 6 AQJ9743
This one looks familiar - is it from the ECL vs Northants at the weekend? I rebid 3 - 7th club and partial spade fit swayed me.
Gazilli Questions - Meaning of opener’s rebids of 3M and 3NT?
Sorry for some reason when I posted initially, all of my carefully prepared text disappeared! Now edited.
Necessary Shift
In the bidding, would it be completely reckless at these colours to try 3NT over 3 suggesting values just shy of a game force with at least 5-5 in the minors?

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