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Simon Weinberger
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April 12, 2016
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Declarer play problem 05052019
They play 3rd/5th, low=enc., h/l=even
Defending a “psych”
If the meaning of the bid is explained as asking, then its definately no psyche. To try to mislead opponents is no criteria for a psyche or would a preempt be a psyche? For me the discussion was hard to understand as in Europe 2NT has to be alerted anyway ...
T-Walsh: responding with a weak Flannery hand
I usually played 1 as showing 3s. But as the people above I think that you should put it into one of the sequences. You have 1 and 2,2 available. Use one of those. ;)
What has partner got?
Partner has forgotten the system, everything else doesnt make any sense. But it depends on the country and the players playing. I the US and GB it seems that many people play regular stayman. In Austria nearly none but beginners. So without any discussion I would assume puppet and I ...
Play the 10 or not...
Good arguments, but I think it also makes a difference how many opponents go down. IF partner has KJxxxx-Qxxxx-KQ you make a vulnerable 4H, but get only 100, when you go up with the 10
Play the 10 or not...
What if partner has K109xxx-Qxxxx-KQ or alike? I guess the 8 was not in the South hand, sorry! Does that change your opinion?
No cheating but this bidding
Not sure North would have played low at MPs giving EW one extra trick if spades break or South is broke. I am not sure about the percentage, but a spade switch by North looks hard to me. AKxxxxx at the table and no spade lead by partner.
No cheating but this bidding
David, with a 5c major opponent is more likely to bid 3NT than with a 6 card minor? You have to explain me this logic. Had s been 2-2 with the honours split he had to duck in the actual hand as well and didn t.
No cheating but this bidding
They didnt get a worse score. See below. ;)
No cheating but this bidding
Then it seems, that it was just a misjudgment from me. :( I assumed that East shouldn't have a void for his 3N bid. As South I lead a club from J10987x-Kxx-xx-xx and was surprised that declarer won the Q with the A at trick one. Wanting to protect the ...

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