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Spencer Hurd
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Aug. 17, 2015
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June 24, 2018
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Life Master, 7001 points, retired Professor of Mathematics at The Citadel in Charleston SC. 2 yrs military, 4 yrs aerospace engineer, 5 yrs High Sch Math Teacher, Sire of Champions (John and Andy Hurd), novelist, former Georgia Chess Champion, owner of two donkeys (no, not my sons). I Chaired 2 sectionals and 1.5 regionals, and served Unit 160 (SC) as a board member and Editor of quarterly Newsletter for several years. I have four college degrees and four more in recurring nightmares which put me back as a student. Spouse Shirley and I now live in the boondocks in south Georgia about 60 miles north of Tallahassee where there are many friendly players. 

United States of America

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How A Junior Would Teach Bidding
I have a suggestion which will never be accepted - it will require too many people on a dozen committees. Here it is. In all ACBL games in the range 0 to P master points (P is less than or equal to 50), all players must use the SAYC System. In ...
A New Blue Ribbon Pair, II
Note to TH and OK: actually as the editor has reminded me on several occasions, 5 is a contract and 5 is a card.
When responder bids 1NT followed by 2NT in 2/1
I have been playing as recommended by Justin for about a year and a half. Hasn't come up. Still, however rare, it seems a great answer to several hard hands to deal with.
Playing against Stewart-Woolsey is one thing. Playing agsinst Mr. and Mrs. Smith in our club is another. At chess, it matters not how good they opponent is - my computer's decision to move is entirely based on the actual position - it is the best play the computer can deduce and ...
Ten Seconds
All of these ideas have merit. The ACBL convention card and others of similar type are designed for purchase by clubs who make them free to members. Most players can find a way to employ such cards. If you need a different card, create one in a reasonable format and ...
Second Hand High- make it difficult for the defense.
I would suggest that occasionally one knows the declarer well (famous or a personal acquaintance). If one knows that declarer is VERY able, one might get suspicious and consider the 2nd hand high play - especially look for other entries. Here there are other entries to dummy so the holdup only ...
Too good to sign off?
2 would show a sign of life - and would be discouraging. THIS IS A POOR HAND. 2 should be slightly forward going, yes, but should show something more appealing in diamonds. Maybe K72 QJ743 AJ32 10 (same 11 points). If partner holds more than 10-11 points herself, I ...
How much edge do you need to justify variance?
Yes, the Unlucky Expert, who knew all the percentages, but they did not always apply to amazing bad judgment used by his opponents.
Forcing or not?
I play another rule which comes up often. When one player invites game, the partner can pass or not pass. But if not-pass is chosen, it is game forcing. The classic example is 1 1, 3 3 Applying the rule, 3 is invitational so 3 ...
ACBL Mixed Teams CoC
Why not "At least 2 females and at least 2 males"? Frankly, there are many reasons for having a minimal restriction - one (or more) player(s) may have a special restriction (health, business, early or late arrival or departure). Surely it is better to allow the players to make flexible ...

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