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Srdjan Richter
Srdjan Richter
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March 23, 2013
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Srdjan Richter's bidding problem: AKJ98 T73 QJ86 8
I expected more votes for 2.
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: xx AQJxxx AT9xx ---
For the same reason I bid 5.
Selena Pepić's bidding problem: T93 --- AKQJ963 J87
3, Alder
Bad Luck trumps broke!
Since I have read the article about this deal in The Bridge World magazine back in 1996 or early 1997, it is quite likely that I forgot details. I kept only a copy of deal diagram. Thank you for correcting my comment.
Bad Luck trumps broke!
At all tables where hearts were played, all declarers went one down regardless of the level (4, 6 or 7). All of them took a reasonable line of play.
What did Larry Cohen say?
Rhodes 1996, quarterfinals. Contracts were 4, 6 and 7, down one.
Mark Jones's bidding problem: A876 J9 Q4 QJT86
At the very moment of my heart showing misbid I knew my bid could not be alerted. My English is poor and it is obvious that I can not express my thoughts clearly , therefore I surrender and sincerely apologize for taking so much of your time.
Mark Jones's bidding problem: A876 J9 Q4 QJT86
I intended to show spades but my misbid showed hearts. Opener`s lack of alert confirmed that he assumed I showed hearts, so how could he raise spades? Only if my facial expression or gesture at the moment of misbid gave him a clue. If that was the case, there ...
Mark Jones's bidding problem: A876 J9 Q4 QJT86
If lack of alert is unauthorized information and alert is misinformation, both calls are illegal. Anyway, I would treat 3 bid as an extremely strong raise of hearts (splinter?) and bid 4 cue hoping to hear 5 cue which I can pass. If opener makes any other ...
Mark Jones's bidding problem: A876 J9 Q4 QJT86
I would probably play 6 doubled. Another possibility is 4 (cue) - 5(cue) - pass. I have only disputed the existence of UI.

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