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Stan Abrahams
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Sept. 17, 2015
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negative doubles, discarding and signalling, the difference between leads to a NT contract, and a suit contract, when to finesse, make a plan.
Inviting to 3NT w/o a Four-Card Major by Using Stayman: A Current Problem and a Proposed Solution
When the strong hand is declarer, the defenders can work out their partners high cards within limits. The opposite is not true. I play weak 12 -14 nt and am delighted to have my weak minor hand hidden when I declare. It can be be within a 7 point range ...
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
Hi Craig, that is a sophisticated system, I wonder how many play it. I guess you would have no difficulty playing something similar if the 2 club opening was 2 NT. However getting to the actual question, can you at present play in 3 of a very weak minor after ...
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
I love this site. I learn, no, find out, about a new word every week. I love to read the different opinions by intelligent people. I am too old to even think of changing how I learned the Acol system, but I would love to hear if ANYONE agrees with ...
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
Just instead of 2 clubs. This gives both bids room to explore, more room for 20-22, which is more frequent, and enough room as the present 2 clubs nearly always forces to game anyway. Or as I said,am I living in another world?
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
On the simple assumption that one needs as much room as possible to explore the final contract, it appears that the basics we use are wrong. 2 clubs should be 20-22, and 2NT should be 23-24 or game forcing. I guess its a bit late to change. Or am I ...
John Newman's lead problem: A5 Q764 J875 K62
2 of Clubs. Either partner has the Queen, or Q T go down in dummy and they guess wrong. Not asking the world. I had a similar problem against Belladonna. They got to 6 Clubs and I held JT9, Kxxx, Q, T9876 and I knew dummy had good diamonds. I ...
Is this hand an acceptable one-level opening bid in modern bridge?
I had a hand very like this today, except only 3 cards in Hearts. The bidding was P,P,P, to me, do you open in 4th seat?
2D weak one major
Surely the first question should be (ignore this hand for a minute). "How good or bad is the 2D bid, and what is their suit." We use 2NT to ask. It doesn't matter what the response shows. You asked a question, you received an answer, you now bid 4H ...
Is 4333 a semi-balanced distribution?
No, they are Eau de Cologne.

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