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Stan Abrahams
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Sept. 17, 2015
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The beauty of a 3-3 fit
Sorry I will try again in a few minutes. No I'm too old. Sorry it was a 3-3 fit in 4 Spades , nearly unbeatable.
The beauty of a 3-3 fit
Please forgive me for not doing a proper hand layout. I was playing with my friend Owen Camp in 2017 when this hand came up. EW Vul, Dealer North. After I opened 1 Diamond Owen played in 4 Spades. 1D 1H 1S! 2H 3H p 3S p 4S all pass ...
Methods after 2NT
I hear a lot about wrong siding, but never hear mention of keeping the weak hand hidden, so that opponents cannot work out the high cards in each others hands. If the Declarer is strong, experts, (not me, I'm too old now,) can soon work that out, and at ...
Transfers Or not ?
One negative of transfers which NEVER seems to be mentioned, is that when Dummy goes down, both defenders now know the point range of each other. Very useful at Match points. Of course one has to be pretty good to take advantage of that, but for experts who don't ...
How about some levity to take our minds off the world's dilemma?
The general standard of play at my local club is Intermediate, and the lead of 4th highest seems to be one of the 10 commandments, whether it is against a suit or NT. QJ10982, quite often they lead the 9. But the wildest I have seen was partner North playing ...
What does 4!C mean?
Its always Gerber at my local club, so that's what I play.
Should we have taken the push?
"In NZ the skip bidder puts the card out and removes it after 10 seconds. Then the next player calls". Yeah, right.
A curiosity
should play Ghestem
Many questions
This was a 4th in hand opener. Pearsons Law tells us that they were prepared to bid over 3S by the opponents, or had some Spade values. In no way have they a poor hand. This should probably mean our next bid is 4 Hearts.
Dealing with Fair Disclosure when a tad grey
I am alerting this bid because my partner and I have an agreement what this bids means, of which you may not be aware. Please ask if you want to know our agreement. What could be more simple? No agreement, no alert.

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