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Stan Abrahams
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Sept. 17, 2015
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2D weak one major
Surely the first question should be (ignore this hand for a minute). "How good or bad is the 2D bid, and what is their suit." We use 2NT to ask. It doesn't matter what the response shows. You asked a question, you received an answer, you now bid 4H ...
Is 4333 a semi-balanced distribution?
No, they are Eau de Cologne.
Auction Whacking
Quite recently partner opened 2 Clubs, and with my 10 points and a 5 card Diamond suit I just bid 2 Diamonds, waiting to hear openers rebid. All pass! Partner had pulled out the 2 Club card instead of the 1NT card, but had seen his error after I bid ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
This a fascinating read, I go here every day. But has anyone changed their mind since it started? I am guessing the answer is no for the contributors, but maybe yes for some (a few) readers. So if no one is being convinced by the alternative views, why are we ...
A score I've never seen before and probably never will again.
This happened last night. There was a break while the director was called, 12 cards and 14 cards in 2 hands. This was soon fixed. Now LHO opened 1NT 12-14. Partner passed. RHO still mulling over the 12 cards and 14 cards, (fixed), counted their points, found 20, did not ...
HAL, Watson, Deep Blue and ?
Accusation of Plagiarism against Mark Horton
I did not want to comment, although this thread makes interesting reading, all the different viewpoints, and of course all the new words I had to look up. However, When I read his articles, with their forewords, some of which I ignored, some I thought some were not too interesting ...
King from Ace-King when suit is supported?
And this means that if you do lead an unsupported Ace, you are looking for partner to signal if they have the King. (and are still on lead). The opposite is obviously not true, you cannot lead an unsupported King.
Bad Habits of Intermediates
I will be giving some sessions soon, and I intend to start, as usual, by giving the following bidding sequence, the opponents are silent. I open 1D, and the bidding continues, 1S, 2H, 2NT, 3H I then ask how many Diamonds do I hold? In a class of 30, only ...
Full Disclosure
Wayne, are you suggesting that if someone asks, specifically, if something is a standard pre empt, that my first response should be, yes, but we play a Multi 2 Diamond bid? Or is that not enough information, and do I then have to explain how our Multi 2 Diamond bid ...

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