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June 25, 2011
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Eric Sieg's bidding problem: AQ96 J92 JT52 K3
I agree that we don't "know" we have half the deck, but I do know that a) 10-13 NT openers happen at just a fraction of the tables and b) the situation you present (13 opp. 11) happens about as often as a blue moon - 11/12 opp. 8-9 ...
Eric Sieg's bidding problem: AQ96 J92 JT52 K3
I hate my heart holding, and it's speculative to take action, but I think it's even more dangerous to be timid. Whose hand is it? Your side holds at least half the deck, so let's hope we can find a fit. Even -100 may be a winning ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: A73 K964 T97 J42
2NT - it's matchpoints after all :)
Assign The Blame
Whether or not you believe one side is more to blame than the other, I contend that this auction shows a constructive hand by West with a heart stopper, and that it is beyond criminal for East to pass 3NT with a 23 count.
WBF Response on Fantoni Eligibility
Al Levy, thanks for sharing this with the BW community in such a timely fashion.
You be the Judge
I credited east with 100% of the blame: a) Unless west is a known psycher, East can see virtually all of the high cards between west, north, and east. Therefore, ducking the club risks blocking the suit. South can have at most a queen. b) It must be important to ...
Bridge vanity license plates
QBIDDER is my own personal plate. END PLAY was the plate of a long time friend, some time ago. I always longed for PLUS790 or some variation of that.
Ideas for Unit (or local org) Games?
Don, if that was the case it was before my time in Seattle. But I do remember calcutta events held in Vancouver BC that were not unit or district related.
Ideas for Unit (or local org) Games?
Jackpot games involve an extra contribution by each participant - say .50 or 1.00, to be pooled into the "jackpot." At the end of the game, a pre-determined number of highest scoring pairs split the jackpot. For example, in a 10 table game, if all pairs contributed 1.00, that ...
Ideas for Unit (or local org) Games?
Eric, has the unit given any thought to a jackpot game? I know in times past, there were any number of jackpot games at various clubs that seemed to be popular and did boost attendance for those events.

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