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Stan Subeck
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May 23, 2012
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Let the cards speak, not the time it takes to play them!
See a “question on discarding” below for a perfect example of this problem.
A question on discarding
Please read “let the cards speak” above. I don’t believe that any player would quickly discard the H6. A slow H6 conveys extra information. An in-tempo C6 or C5 should be relatively easy to find and is a sensible play.
Standard question
In standard, this auction should have a 6_card Heart suit. Might have only 5 spades?
Restricted Choice Implications
My conclusion was that it is roughly 2.5 to 1 to play for the drop. Interestingly though, the slam situation had some influence. If declarer plays for the drop and is wrong, the slam is defeated by the 5-1 break. On the actual hand where this combination arose, if ...
Restricted Choice Implications
I didn’t mention that this was the trump suit in slam, so 6-0 was unacceptable! Also entry problems complicate things.
Brian Zhang's bidding problem: KJ3 QT6 J3 AKQJ9
Brian, Please describe 3D more fully and what special responses, if any, are available? Thanks, Stan
Play 3NT - Lots of Choices
A successful diamond finesse will produce four tricks. The additional gain from the remote chance of dropping the club king is about 1.5%, a total chance of 51.5% A successful club finesse will only produce four tricks about half the time (singleton, doubleton or tripleton king). The additional ...
Play 3NT - Lots of Choices
Sean found the key issue. Cashing the diamond ace and then finessing clubs is significantly inferior to cashing the club ace and finessing diamonds. However there is more to the problem than this. Consider your trick two discard and proceed from there. Hands like this often have multiple approaches and ...
Brian Zhang's bidding problem: 82 T JT2 QJT9872
I don't love playing transfers over 2C=Majors. You can play unusual v. unusual to clarify your hand. There 2H would be invitational or better in clubs and 3C would be to play. Now you don't need to make a decision. Analogously 2S would be the best diamond ...
Stella Wan's bidding problem: 93 --- AQ8764 KQT63
You hold KQJx, x, AKxxxxx, x. 4NT = RKC is certainly useful.

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