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Stan Subeck
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May 23, 2012
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A Great Read
For those who are interested, a full write-up of this hand at both tables is included in the Daily Bulletin from the Trials at:
Partner passes out of turn
The more comments that I read, the more I am lead to believe that a straightforward Average+ / Average- approach is the best solution. Neither side is rewarded or punished severely and there is no need to debate hypothetical bridge judgment. This solution eliminates any possibility that the non-offending side is ...
Partner passes out of turn
Law 30 provides that when a player opens the bidding with a third seat “PASS out -of turn” and the bidding is then reverted to his partner, the offender must (in-order to avert any further penalty or restrictions) make a legal call that is a “comparable call” as defined by ...
How Would You Rule
One possibility that suggests the hesitation might have provided UI is that the bidder might have wanted to bid 4NT (28-29HCP), but was afraid this would be Blackwood. His partner might have subconsciously recognized this problem and bid 4NT as a safety play in the bidding. Therefore, rollback to 3NT.
A lead that cost 10 tricks and 22 IMPs
Nathan, you might want to consider asking partner for shortness, if you have such a bid available. My choice is to use 2S as a shortness ask and 2NT for a feature over a vul 2H bid. Partner responds 2NT to show short spades. Now you know that 4H (or ...
Captain's Diary, Day 3: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kuwait, Pakistan
I'm with Suzi watching the grandchildren and I can' sort her out from the kids. They're all the same height.

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