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Stefan Basinski
Stefan Basinski
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March 22, 2012
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7 hours ago
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about me

I play bridge for fun. Most of my life is dedicatd to doing other things, I look forward to my golden years when I can play more and contibute to the game.

United States of America

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Orlando Regional (good way to start the year)
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Silver Life Master
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Roland Wald R.I.P.
I love to kibbitz good bridge and Roland's vugraphs were always very entertaining. Sometimes, while we were waiting for 10 minutes for one card to be played, he was very entertaining with other things, like Cricket. He also had a great knack commenting on an expert's mistake without ...
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: T87xxx KJxx --- xxx
I also disagree with original 2 bid. I don't care what pard has in the majors, playing the hand in 's is a clear winner.
Liam Milne's lead problem: 752 KT974 T32 82
Partner has most of the defensive points and leading a suit other than 's may be better, but you may as well get your random number generator working to figure out which one of the other 3 suits you are going to lead (other than the very mild inference ...
Should this bid be reported to the director ?
6 is to play because ranks higher than 's. Much more difficult with hands where you bid 6 out of the blue and RKC was for 's.
Zonal Governance Proposals
I think that with today's technology there should be occasional referendum votes by the ACBL members at large, just like amendments put to the public in the mid-term elections. This should not cost a lot, some software to be written for this. Doesn't it make sense that some ...
Zonal Governance Proposals
No matter what the board size is, if the previously mentioned "idiot" portion is a majority, then the competent minority will usually get nowhere and get very frustrated. You need as a high a percentage of competent people as possible for the board to go smoothly with intelligent decisions. From ...
The disappearing evening club game
The name of your community must be Bridgeville!
Master Points for Foreign Players
John: I agree wholeheartedly. We all know that your masterpoint holding can be a sign of how much you have played and can mask what your ability is, and good players who don't play a lot in tournaments don't have many masterpoints. My interpretation of ths is that ...
The Best Bridge Writer
Best for improving players: Mike Lawrence Best cerebral: Hugh Kelsey
Gavin Wolpert's bidding problem: AKQJ9 Q43 85 T92
I would force with 3. I agree with the people that say 2 is forcing, but it's possible for pard to have 4 hearts. You really want to play the 4 Moysian contract? If pard has 6 's and 4's, club leads will ...

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