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Stefán Jónsson
Stefán Jónsson
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Basic Information

Member Since
Oct. 29, 2012
Last Seen
Sept. 19
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Bridge Player
about me

Unlucky expert :o)


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Doubling Tor Helness in a 4 spade phantom save over 4 hearts that I was not about to bid ;o)
Bridge Accomplishments
No. 1 in Icelandair open teams 2006 + Uppsala lagguld 2006.
Regular Bridge Partners
Ísak Örn Sigurðsson, Ómar Olgeirsson
Favorite Tournaments
Landmannahellir open +
Favorite Conventions
Common sense + Lebensohl + Voidwood in partners first bid suit
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Banished to the Couch
I prefer the hand played from partner's side, hence I bid . A very possible outcome is down 1 in 4, when my king of turns out to be useless. However, playing 3 is "stopping on a dime" and not an option playing IMPs, even non ...
Banished to the Couch
This is simple. Just bid 3 or 4 and let partner do his own dirty work. Most likely 2nt is unusual, and major, "should be" but might as well be .
Atb on a missed slam
Both could (and probably should) act over 4. East has an opening bid in Zar and LTC and was wishing there was an unusual 2NT opening on their CC. I think 4NT is a long time winner, by far, unless maybe if N-S are playing Precision. I would have ...
Forcing Pass?
There's always an "other". I play this forcing red vs green, otherwise not forcing.
Responding to takeout double with 4-4 majors
1 is stronger than 1, since your CHO might force you into a reverse. So 1 with 0-4, 1 with 4-8, with more you must jump or cue bid.
multiple choices at IMP Pairs
There's always an "other". I would bid a direct 3 to play.
Who should sleep on the couch?
Perhaps your system card should sleep on the couch? And tomorrow the redouble will show 10+ Having double of 2 as penalty worked badly on this hand, but last time I was in this sequence, I wished I had that available.
ATB- missing spade contract
I blame North for not showing the 5th and South for not showing invitational strength. They should both have bid 3 at their 2nd turn. North is even on the edge of a 1st round 2. What happened is that both of them downgraded because of possible ...
Another 2N-bid
This is just a scramble, however very likely to be somewhat "natural" as well. 4-2-3-4 shape is quite likely. Not enough strength/controls/ values to convert to penalty. And obviously not enough to invite game. Hoping to find a 4-4 minor fit, or that partner accidentally passes when that ...
What's this double?
Simple rule that will make your life better: If you have to ask, it's takeout/responsive/maximum. Something like 6-9 and 4-4 majors or 3-4-2-4. With 4-4 majors, I treat 1 stronger than 1. This is opposite of what Ronald and Harald say. They want to be ...

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