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Stefán Jónsson
Stefán Jónsson
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Basic Information

Member Since
Oct. 29, 2012
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Unlucky expert :o)


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Doubling Tor Helness in a 4 spade phantom save over 4 hearts that I was not about to bid ;o)
Bridge Accomplishments
No. 1 in Icelandair open teams 2006 + Uppsala lagguld 2006.
Regular Bridge Partners
Ísak Örn Sigurðsson, Ómar Olgeirsson
Favorite Tournaments
Landmannahellir open +
Favorite Conventions
Common sense + Lebensohl + Voidwood in partners first bid suit
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Another 2N-bid
This is just a scramble, however very likely to be somewhat "natural" as well. 4-2-3-4 shape is quite likely. Not enough strength/controls/ values to convert to penalty. And obviously not enough to invite game. Hoping to find a 4-4 minor fit, or that partner accidentally passes when that ...
What's this double?
Simple rule that will make your life better: If you have to ask, it's takeout/responsive/maximum. Something like 6-9 and 4-4 majors or 3-4-2-4. With 4-4 majors, I treat 1 stronger than 1. This is opposite of what Ronald and Harald say. They want to be ...
Ruff and Sluff
Thank you Kit for the excellent insight to the hand. I agree with the assumption that West giving ruff and sluff marks him 100% with the king of , which we allready placed in his hand in the bidding. Note to self: Must try a ruff and sluff bluff one ...
You Be the Coach - Part III
11 balanced opposite 18-19 balanced can off course produce a slam if partner has a perfecto. But there is no space left to investigate.
You Be the Coach - Part III
PASS. You decided this was not an opening bid. Some players might disagree, but I strongly recommend that you agree with yourself :-)
Bridge logic - what does this auction suggest?
Sounds like both North and South have values, perhaps QTx vs Kx. South must be showing a slam invitational raise in , obviously without shortness. 3 over 2 is also a slamish raise, so it is practical that this route through 3 shows something special ...
Duck High
Give North the 2 of from South and leading low through K972 will seem well thought out. I once lead my 5 against 1nt from QJT5 because dummy had bid 1. It worked perfectly, and beyond, because the 5 held the trick :-)
1NT defence
You might have to face a sarcastic comment about your grandmother defeating the contract, if partner shows up with JT stiff.
Penalty or responsive?
For the simplicity of the system, why not just pass with penalty? Responsive double can be something like 8-13 hcp 5-6 major cards and 7-8 minor. What do you bid with Axx Kxx Qxx QTx? If you have 5 strong and nothing else why not just trust partner to ...
Penalty or responsive?
My bridge life has been so much better since I decided that partscore doubles are never penalty, unless extremely obvious. Hence... if you have to ask it's NOT penalty

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