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Odd auction. What happened here?
I agree with the poll North should preempt 5 in first round. It's pretty clear with that distribution that 4 won't be the final contract, anyways. Not that it will necessarily help -- they might still venture 6, of course -- but make them guess as much ...
2!D Multi, defense question
I also haven't been in that exact "ridiculous" sit, but playing 2 ourselves, I have seen pard open 2, they preempted in hearts, you sit there with a void in hearts and long spades. It's darn horrible! :D After that, I insist on playing X as ...
2!D Multi, defense question
Cheats? How?
2!D Multi, defense question
Hmm... Not sure how transfers would help here? Can you elaborate?
Multi 2!d Continuations
Interesting. We currently play very similar -- designed independently :) 2 can be a strong 5-card or normal 6-card opening. 2 - 3/3 = SAT showing a 5+ major of your own, but we play it as GF. Over 2 - 2NT, we play: 3 = A 6-card major ...
Multi 2!d Continuations
We currently play 2 Multi, showing only a weak major. Prioritizing major-contracts, we play both 3m and 4m responses as "South-African Texas" -- like this: 2 - 2M/3M/4M = Pass or correct. 2 - 3 = GF with 5+hearts, lacking spade-support. 2 - 3 = GF with 5 ...
Partners Play Different Styles
>"Right now we never have to think about those questions, which I like." Man --- you're sooo simplistic! ;)
I went down.
Should play trumps to the King, in case East has the Queen singleton, and West has 3 spades, I believe. If West doubled with trumps AQx(xx) you will always lose two trumps, anyways.
Partners Play Different Styles
>"Have you thought about how a convention card would look if this rule were repealed?" Could just be 2 cards/pair instead of one.
Partners Play Different Styles
Boils down to exactly what means "system" and what means "style"? If one player plays 15-17-NT with 2 or more cards in each suit, while his pard essentially -- and despite what the CC says -- plays 14-17-NT and 1 or more cards in each suit, exactly why is that not different ...

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