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Stefan Olausson
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June 6, 2016
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Garbage Stayman
>"how could you transfer to invite." He doesnt transfer with invite. 2C stayman followed-up by 3M is nat invite. I guess with 10-12 1NT-opening, it gets much more important to land the non-game-going responders in the best contract.
Garbage Stayman
Thanks @Kit! Just wondered, what means "2 Non-forcing Stayman" ? Opener could pass 2 with long clubs? Or just means that 2 denies GF values? Also, what's the meaning of 1NT-2, and 1NT-2 in your structure? Where is the invitational response with 5-card major?
"Icebreaker" convention?
Thanks, @Magnus! That looks like a decent start, though :)
"Icebreaker" convention?
Hi @Magnus, Just curious --- do you remember what your responses to 3NT was? All suit-bids were pass-or-correct? Or did you have any forcing bid to initiate a possible slam-try vs such monster-distribution? Could it be any 6-5/5-6 in any suits? Or did you have some further restrictions on which ...
"Icebreaker" convention?
@Georgiana -- was just thinking... if you for example travel to the Andromeda galaxy in a fast & comfy space-ship, it's still quite a long trip, and you would of course survive better if you had some crew-members who also knew how to play Bridge. I have no doubt you would ...
"Icebreaker" convention?
I'm thinking, it might be a good idea to use it for 6-5 with 6 cards in the higher suit. The reason: 5-6 (6 in the lower) we can often show pd in a natural system, by opening the lower suit and then bidding the higher suit twice. But ...
"Icebreaker" convention?
Here, it came up 2 days ago :) Statistically, it should happen at least once every few light-years. ;)
"Icebreaker" convention?
Yes, and it is not only rare.... IMO, it also makes some sense :) If the next oppo has a good hand with a 6+suit, whatever he does might be risky. If he bids, he might run into a 6-0 or so trump-break.... If he passes, well, they might of ...
What means 4NT here?
11 card suits never starts with a takeout double, do they?
What means 4NT here?
Isn't michaels (by default) forcing and unlimited?

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