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Are Gazilli jump-shifts non-alertable?
> "Other natural bids are ‘alertable when opponents would expect otherwise’" if the jumpshift is thus limited to 15 or 16hcp, isnt that reason to alert it under this rule?
this has to stop.
> All 4 players could carry their own personal bridgemate or similar electronic device and put down contract. Excellent proposal! Or at least 2 devices for each of North and East. Sometimes, thinking about the last play or bidding, I approve the result kind of mechanically and then don't remember ...
LTC 2!D bid
> "Tournament hands tend to favor this bidding method as they are pre-dealt to have interesting features." Where did you get that idea from? It's illegal to deal anything but random-deals in tournament-play.
1NT defence
> I would expect Partner to continue with the ♠T upon gaining the lead. Why? From his viewpoint, u cud have AKx and he has JTx.
Transfers after intervention
-MOVED- ps. Why is there still no DELETE button?
Transfers after intervention
> "We found that we almost never needed a negative double." You never need a neg-X after 1M-(2m) ? That sounds questionable...
Transfers after intervention
We recently started playing transfers after opps' takeout-double, and also after their tangent-bid overcall. Examples: 1D-(X)- XX = 4+hearts. -1H = 4+spades. -1S = Denies 4card M. Some values and "transfer to 1NT". -1NT = 5+clubs, etc. 1H-(1S)-X = Some values and "transfer to 1NT" -1NT = 5+clubs. -2C ...
Transfers after intervention
Is G/B 2NT a Good or a Bad idea over 1!H-(2!S)-?
>"2NT should be a 4 card invitational+ ♥ raise" Provided 1 is 5+, it doesn't make sense to require 4cd support here, unless you specify some other bid for 3cd support inv+.
Is G/B 2NT a Good or a Bad idea over 1!H-(2!S)-?
>"Since G/B 2NT here could, presumably, be "bad with ♣s, ♦s, or ♥s" Isn't that normally called Lebensohl? G/B-2NT rather refers to opener's rebid?

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