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Stefan Olausson
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June 6, 2016
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My NABC Online Practice Tourney Day 1 - "The Wild Way"
Announces to the other robots you mean?
My NABC Online Practice Tourney Day 1 - "The Wild Way"
For comparison, I keep trying "The Disciplined Way" :) Clocked in at 66.8%, # 215/7881. Had one board at 46% -- I was too "optimistic" in compet bidding. Another at 44% -- misplayed to miss an overtrick. The rest above 50%.
ATB missed grand
@Marty Harris I probably need a simulation to see how "close" to zero it is with 18-19 hcp... I agree they will often probably miss the lead, but that's a different argument :)
Snowball in Hell
yeah, "well done for discarding your loser" :)
Snowball in Hell
>"Should East-West have saved in 5♠ (down three)? No, for that would have cost them an additional 40 aggregate points when North-South bid the equally cold 5NT." Are you really sure they would have reached 5NT? :) I'd rather say "No, saving for 500 against a 5-level contract that might ...
Second trick carding
@David From your question, I figured you maybe played the 3 and your pard switched suit... :)
ATB missed grand
>"the risk that we're off the AK of diamonds is close to zero" Is it? Even if West held 22 hcp (rather than only 18 promised) we could still be missing a control: KJ AKJx QJxx AQJ Take away A, still 18hcp, and we even go down in ...
Second trick carding
How about playing UDCA.....
In a Hurry
"Mixed-up", in the sense that: - If A looks right, why do I do B? :)
BW 2/1: 1!d-2!c-2!D
>"every other rebid is expected to have 3-4 diamonds" I must say, that is an approach I never even heard of... I prefer 2D is the "default rebid" with any balanced 12-14, or any minimum hand without 4+club support, or 4441(short ) any strength. 1D-2C-2M = 4-5 extras. 1D-2C-2NT ...

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