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4!S play
> "Now we basically have a winning line available no matter what the layout is, but we can't play for everything" Agree, this is really the keynote of this hand.... Moving some cards around in the DD-analyzer, it seems there is always some way to make -- but they ways are ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: KQ743 T 642 AKT7
Who would assume such a meaning without specific agreement? Frequency-wise with limited room available, seems much more useful to ask... "eehrr, pd, I have some pretty nice cards here.... how good was your overcall?" If all he needs is a club-control, he can still rebid 5 over 4.
4!S play
After playing it out again in DD-analyzer, I realize I missed a detail in my analysis when originally posting this..... darn! :) (maybe not so easy after all....) So let's just consider it an ordinary play-problem -- prob a good one, anyways :) -- what playline would you suggest?
4!S play
No, was robot-play where "everything" is yellow :) 4 was "Preempt, 7+; >= 3 total points; <= 11hcp". By experience, robots often have 8+suit when they open 4m.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: KQ743 T 642 AKT7
A useful estimation of playing-values, in such situation, I think, is Adjusted-LTC (ALTC). I think we could expect pard to have a bit more than a minimum-opening (7 ALTC) here. So let's assume he has as 6,5 ALTC or better. That means, if I have have 5,5 ...
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: KQ743 T 642 AKT7
4 = slamtry in spades. Have no extras and sign-off w 4.
In another part of the forest
Just wonder why that matters... If I only discard clubs, while "looking like" I am 2-2-4-5 (or 1-2-4-6)... isn't that the same thing? I am probably missing something :)
Western Cue if opps bid two suits?
@Brad Craig -- maybe you aren't likely, but it does happen... I don't see why 'Bidding opps suit(s) always asking' would be harder to remember than 'Bidding the one you have' ? As you play now, you have to remember TWO DIFFERENT rules, depending on whether they bid 1 ...
Western Cue if opps bid two suits?
Here's my argument for *always asking* from another thread ----- to avoid ambiguities: Also agree with Gabor... you may have no stopper in either suit -- admittedly a rare situation, but it may happen -- and you can then qbid the cheapest one, and if pd ...
Western Cue if opps bid two suits?
If you are asking what is "standard", at least in US, you *show* stopper when 2 suits bid. I am not aware of any technical reason for bidding that way, though, and personally prefer *asking* also when 2 suits bid.
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