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Is G/B 2NT a Good or a Bad idea over 1!H-(2!S)-?
>"2NT should be a 4 card invitational+ ♥ raise" Provided 1 is 5+, it doesn't make sense to require 4cd support here, unless you specify some other bid for 3cd support inv+.
Is G/B 2NT a Good or a Bad idea over 1!H-(2!S)-?
>"Since G/B 2NT here could, presumably, be "bad with ♣s, ♦s, or ♥s" Isn't that normally called Lebensohl? G/B-2NT rather refers to opener's rebid?
Putting together a Strong Club (Precision) - any insights into why and how these issues matter?
Of course, you can always explore it, but if it turns out there is no fit, (say opener is 4-1-3-5 and responder 2-4-4-3 or similar) where are you going? You often end up scrambling into a lousy higher partial than the majority, who open 1, and then play in ...
Putting together a Strong Club (Precision) - any insights into why and how these issues matter?
> 5. 2♣ opening bids - including the 4 card major or not No, you don't want 4card majors in 2. Esp at matchpoints, it's downright terrible. Unless responder has GF values, it's an insoluble dilemma whether to explore 4-4 major fit or not. And it keeps coming ...
Invite 3N or commit?
Thanks, for the link, Craig. That's some interesting data to digest :)
Invite 3N or commit?
And also comes to mind, a different quite interesting thread a couple of years ago, by the way.... This wasn't double-dummy, but actual results from real play. My own assumption was that declarers who *bid ...
Invite 3N or commit?
>"But the amount of this bias is pretty well known (around 3% - 6% for 3NT contracts--closer to the lower number when hands are balanced)." 3%-6%, compared to what? Actual results from real competitions, I assume? But where is the actual source/investigation/evidence of such claim? I'd sure ...
Anyone who is found to have cheated in an ACBL sanctioned event, at any level, should be banned from the ACBL and ANY ACBL-sanctioned event, permanently.
What means "clipping boards"? Never heard that, sorry...
Invite 3N or commit?
Only if everyone at the table is playing double dummy, I think? Including the lead to trick 1... :)
Bypassing 1!D and bidding 1NT with a balanced hand without a major
Another possibility is to have 1NT show an invitational hand (without major, of course) opposite the weak NT-range. So, if playing the std 15-17 1NT-opening, it would then show invitational vs 12-14 -- i.e. ca 11-12 hcp or so. The advantage of this, is that you can stop in 1NT ...

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