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Aug. 3, 2010
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Plan the play
Cross-ruffing does have a lot of appeal, but it also has its own issues. For starters, West’s D7 could be a singleton. But even if West follows suit at trick 2, the play may fall apart in the mid-game. See what happens if you proceed on cross-ruffing and East ...
Plan the play
It doesn’t seem to work when East has the long hearts, for example when his hand is xxx, Qxx, Q109x, xxx.
Plan the play
I don't see how this line succeeds if East’s hand is K9xxx, x, Q109x, xxx.
Plan the defence 2
True, and let's not forget that Rohit Gupta showed that construction, so he should be given credit for it.
Plan the defence 2
RR: It is clear that West had misgivings about leading a spade. Maybe his hand was Q6543, xxx, Jxx2, x. Now DC says that with this hand it is better to lead a spade. Well, it all depends on the full layout.
Plan the defence 2
That's a nice construction, possibly better than mine.
Plan the defence 2
D10, playing South for something like: AJ10x, Jxxx, Qx, Kxx
Which path?
Cash the diamond ace (assume both opponents follow), finesse the HQ (you need the king onside) and lead a low diamond from the table. If East shows out, win with the king, finesse the diamond 10 and lead the DQ, squeezing RHO when he started with Axxxx, 10xxx, x, Kxx ...
Plan the defence
I was referring to my second comment before you replied. Regarding my first comment, (“are you overlooking...”), there was nothing to add since that was in reply to you comment “but clearly you should duck...” I am typing on my phone and that’s quite unpleasant.
Plan the defence
Ok, let’s see, you play dummy and I defend. After winning trick one, what do you do?

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