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JALL's Brilliance on Display
True. But even if South covers the spade jack (as he did at your ‘table’), you will go down if you play a club next.
JALL's Brilliance on Display
Does this mean that a switch to a diamond at trick two induces East to go down when South is 3=6=2=2? (You can treat it as a rhetorical question).
Your Play to win 9 Tricks?
“I will start by leading the jack of hearts. West will have to cover if he has the queen, in which case I will duck. Now I can set up a heart trick as well as throw West in if he has 4 hearts, and he will have to give ...
Your Play to win 9 Tricks?
Phil, If West has a hand like x, Qxxx, KJxx, ?xxx (with or without the club jack, but no king), ducking the queen of hearts won’t work. The defense will attack clubs and you will end-up losing five tricks one way or another
Trick 3
Maybe East didn’t want to bid 1H with jack-fourth and possibly the club deuce didn’t show count, so West might credit declarer with Q109xx, AKQ, x, K10xx. If so, he should cash the spade ace and exit with a spade. This defense works also when South has Q109xx ...
Defensive Problem
There could be something strange going on here. Exit with a club on the off chance that South is 7=1=2=3 with the queen of diamonds.
you can call me Al
The spade return from West may not be so “safe”. If that player has at most six clubs without the Q, he should return a club at trick three (and East needs to play low to that trick). Following this defense, the contract is down. If LHO has the queen ...
Play problem in 4!S redoubled
"Of course if W is 5125 you will wish you cashed AK♦." Why not lead a spade to the 9 at trick 2? How will West react?
Play problem in 4!S redoubled
Maybe East’s club is a delicate false card. If West is 5=1=3=4, he ruffs the heart at trick 5. Now, I think you are in trouble when he exits with a low club.
What is the best line in this 6!C contract
JM, in theory that’s true, but in practice, it doesn’t tell the whole story. If declarer becomes suspicious following North’s opening lead against the slam, he might decide that LHO has club length (see also AH’s comment). If so, West might decide to ruff a spade ...

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