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July 16, 2013
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Does a correction to 4H on this hand bar partner under current rules (ACBL)?
David, nothing has changed regarding taking the player away from the table. You still need to determine the player’s intention to decide whether a different call is comparable. Obviously this law is a disaster for volunteer club directors, especially those that aren’t strong players. Going back to the ...
Rule this Claim!
There is another aspect to this case which nobody has mentioned. You can see it as not a question about this “obvious” hand. It is about the next hand, which is not quite as obvious, and the next, which is less obvious still. A line has to be drawn. Will ...
Paul Lamford's bidding problem: A86542 KT3 84 72
No votes at all for 7?!?
Paul Lamford's bidding problem: A86542 KT3 84 72
To the doublers, what do you do after South redoubles?
European open pairs format
The semifinal was short, but if you are in the B semifinal it is still in a way too long. Even just two sessions to qualify six pairs from roughly 200 seems like a somewhat pointless exercise. Pairs with no further interest in the event had to play an additional ...
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
This hand is rule of 25 and unanimously legal if one of the small spades is the stiff Q. Not 100% clear to me that this is a stronger hand. I'll just have to take the EBU's word for it.
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
Played against Tom Townsend in the Year End Swiss Teams. In 3NT I successfully finessed in one suit, and then did not expend any mental energy on watching opponents' discards or even mine from the dummy, as I could not afford to lose the lead, and was planning on taking ...
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
I stood twice for the L&E and didn't get elected, so people who say "don't complain, do something about it" do not know what they are talking about.
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
The first-time partnership had had no discussion, no agreement and no partnership experience with a 2 opening. The opener in fact had little, if any, experience playing Benjy and was not aware of doing so this time until partner gave the system description to the first opponents.
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
@Will Roper I don't think you know who the pair are, because what you say Is actually not the case. But anyway, I thought that the regulation says that it is illegal to have an agreement to open this hand. With no agreement and no discussion and no partnership ...

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