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June 25, 2010
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March 31
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about me

Just won my first National Championship - the 4 session Canadian Open Pairs with Jordan Cohen (June, 2013).


I played in my first duplicate at the age of 12 in 1967. Played a lot in my teens and twenties, then paused for career and family. I have been teaching kids in ACBL school-age program for  many years. Also teach adults live and on-line. I am a Financial Planner - Bridge is a hobby, as is playing ball hockey, playing musical instruments, creating art, and travel.


I have had one or two articles per year published in The Bridge World (latest: May 2013 issue)


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Gold Life Master
Down Under Coup
A complete removal of all exit cards is a dentist's coup. Since this is not a full removal, it's a "partial bridge". This is apropos on two levels - we get a dental term that itself references bridge!
Flipping for Winning
...a personal individual masterpoint penalty?
ACBL Cell Phone Policies & Penalties
If your phone is in your pocket, it might vibrate and provide you with illegal information. If your cell phone is on the table, visible to all, then it cannot be used for anything nefarious. I don't wear a watch, and use my phone to tell time. I would ...
The Worst Convention Ever
The "Hurt Feelings Suit-Confirming Double". Chiefly employed by beginners-to-intermediate level players, the purpose of the double is to express outrage when the opponents have the audacity to bid your own bid suit (not your partner's). The bid gives partner no information, but allows the opposition a range of options ...
Negative Doubles Over NT - Questions
I agree that different methods are needed to handle completely artificial overcalls. However, many popular methods are conventional, but should be treated as natural. For example, 2 showing diamonds and a higher suit: Treat as diamonds. 2/ showing the bid suit and a minor, treat simply as ...
AUTOBRIDGE give away
Thanks - This worked. Seems they have found a new home.
Giving away old Bridge World and ACBL Bulletins, also Australian, New Zealand, and British
Okay, I have enough responses/ I will figure out what to do from amongst those that have already responded
Disclosure? You can't handle disclosure!
Interesting comment. When bridge was invented ( more of a process over time, I guess, than a "Eureka" moment, from Whist, to Auction bridge, to Contract bridge), I don't think disclosure was part of the game. Everyone played about the same stuff, so maybe the answer was simply, "No need ...
Disclosure? You can't handle disclosure!
Maybe it would work in a midnight game :).
Disclosure? You can't handle disclosure!
Right on point. In the Bridge World article, this actually was just one idea of a few where I suggested some new games, cousins of bridge, with various rule changes. This was just one of them.

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