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Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
The other issue with getting more GNT "C" and even "B" teams is that some districts still hold qualifying on separate days in single locations. The fact that these locations are not necessarily convenient to players who tend not to travel well. You are asking people to put together a ...
Thanks to Jay Whipple
Same Here - I went to book - and host hotel is not available for the time that I will be there
NABC Entry Fees Increase as of Summer, 2019
If you are playing regionally rated games at the nationals - why don't they charge for them like a regionally rated games. Especially if they are going to play inferior movements (some of the national directors still refuse to run a web) in inferior rooms. Some of the larger regionals ...
What are your pet peeves?
ACBL national directors that don't run a web but instead have 36 boards in play.
Playing in the US Nationals
I would also point out (having played both overseas and in the US) that the alert rules are different as well - might be good to take a look -
Mechanical or 2nd thought part 1
Sorry - yes you are correct - I misread the sequence.
Mechanical or 2nd thought part 1
There is a lot of space and cards between 2N and 4H - I think we have trained people to confuse "mechanical error" with "mental error" because one is correctable and the other isn't.
Anatomy of a Winning a Regional Pair Game Session 1/2
The novice area was the first time I saw that card as well - I don't know how "official" it is... You can buy 100 of the yellow cards at Baron Barclay for $6 (our club has them out) - might save you $6.00 of ink trying to print in ...
What can the ACBL do better to promote Bridge?
I agree about the monetary awards - why not? Run sanctioned games on college campuses open to the community. Increase the number of evening games (which would also help the non-retired set but that is a different story) In the college set - free food is the differentiator... Also - note that the ...
Fact Check Time
Median can also be different from the mean in non-normal distributions. Significant numbers of 20-30 year olds - but not nearly as many 110-120 year olds playing bridge.
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