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Steve Bloom
Steve Bloom
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May 27, 2010
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14 hours ago
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about me

Retired mathematician and general curmudgeon.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I once got nailed by a real-life rueful rabbit.
Regular Bridge Partners
Betty, my one and only.
Favorite Conventions
Transfers, of many, many breeds.
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Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Defense From the Bermuda Bowl
The heart shift is also necessary when partner has led a doubleton diamond, and has weaker trump spots. Picture South with x AJ10987 109xx xx.
MI (?) Ruling
Simply because the auction would have gone in one direction over a pass does not mean it has to go that way over an intervening double. South has an extra option: Redouble. What hand type would that show? If that would show this type of hand, then three spades would ...
2NT as a response to a reopening double
"I would assume that a direct 3♦ also shows some values, since you can bid 2NT and then correct 3♣ to 3♦?" No. If you bid 2NT and correct to diamonds, then partner can correct to hearts. So, a direct 3 call might simply be a hand with only ...
2NT as a response to a reopening double
Sure. The direct 3 shows a good hand in the context of my first pass.
ATB - lousy slam
East took a low road quite early, and that seems wrong. But that didn't get them to this poor slam. Most of West's decisions were reasonable, until we get to five clubs. Partner has done nothing positive, and I am still trying for slam? To me, all the ...
2NT as a response to a reopening double
Scrambling, but a direct 3 is invitational. So I might have two places to play, or I might always be going to hearts, but with a weaker hand.
How to defend on this one?
Just one tiny flaw in that plan ...
Matchpoints percentage play in 3NT
From AJ87? Why not? Strange play from AJ874, but, if it convinces me to play king, it worked.
What is this 5!C?
Six hearts may still be a good bet - saving against their cold five spades. But I will be happy to buy the contract in five hearts. For that matter, five hearts plus one will almost certainly score better than six spades doubled.
What is this 5!C?
I chose other since clubs, various ranges, was not an option. Looking at my hand, I am quite happy that partner introduced clubs. Now I know not to defend five spades.

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