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Steve Bloom
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May 27, 2010
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Retired mathematician and general curmudgeon.

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I once got nailed by a real-life rueful rabbit.
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Betty, my one and only.
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Transfers, of many, many breeds.
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Suppose you are 5-4 in !d-!c w/ 18+ points
Well, almost always. Sometimes it is best to rebid in a three card suit, distorting shape a bit, hoping the auction won't end there: 1 1 2 with a hand worth three hearts, but lacking suit quality. And, of course, sometimes you have to open an ...
They play ace from AK at the four-level or below. Against 5, club ace should deny the king, and, yes, when South runs to diamonds, the club ace might be led without the king. That is a different auction than one where South sits out four spades, doubled.
Sequel - Plan the bidding - Now plan the play
My line: I need hearts 3-3, so will likely need East to hold a hand like KQ10x xxx Axx Kxx. Ducking spades is dangerous, since a club shift will make my ending too tough. So I win the first spade and run hearts. East must keep two diamonds and three ...
What should 3N mean?
The 2NT bidder has most of the cards, and is better placed to make the final decision. So, the 2NT opener needs to hear more from partner. Thus I would bid 3NT on most hands, simply waiting to hear the next cue-bid. Of course, I played a DI 4NT for ...
1!c-(1!d)-1M promises four or more in the bid major, right?
This mirrors a discussion I had with Mel Colchamiro. His argument: In most auctions, a negative double shows two places to play, one of which might be opener's minor. For instance: 1 (2) X will often have both majors, but will also often have only one major ...
Slow play
The worst offender at our club is slow because her eye-sight is failing. It takes a while to work out the cards. We accommodate in two ways: The pair behind her is always one of the faster pairs, and one of the players sorts the cards for her before passing ...
A Fatricide Squeeze
Trick target is always important. Do we want to hold this to four, or set four? South knows that declarer started with three hearts, and must place partner with an honor. Suppose North has the heart king? Now, declarer has only nine tricks and is looking for trick ten. How ...
Ok. A stupid question on a Wednesday evening.
It suddenly occurred to declarer that he wasn't paying attention on the first round. Did LHO follow? So, he guaranteed the contract. Taking nine tricks, in IMPs, in your 3NT contract, is hardly the worst play ever.
We blocked them at MPs
Partner led a singleton. I have a side entry, so I can give partner two ruffs. Please explain why I would remove that entry before returning the suit? Surely spade ace, spade ten, must be an option.
Steve Bloom's bidding problem: 75 J72 J63 QT853
Bingo! You are truly the Robot Whisperer. Five spades was cold, six clubs had play, and would make with some guessing. Hearts? Not so good. Now, any ideas why it chose it's 3 card suit?

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