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Steve Bloom
Steve Bloom
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May 27, 2010
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me
Retired mathematician and general curmudgeon.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
I once got nailed by a real-life rueful rabbit.
Regular Bridge Partners
Betty, my one and only.
Favorite Conventions
Transfers, of many, many breeds.
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Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
After a quantitative 4NT
Right. 5m is natural, forcing, but may still get out in 5NT.
Which line?
That's my line - though spade king is fine, providing I overtake.
Forcing pass situation or not?
Good question. I don't see what, in the auction, makes us believe we can make anything past 1NT, nor what, in the auction, makes us think we can beat two diamonds. So, to me, the pass simply says I can't double for penalties. Up to you, partner. What ...
Down Under Coup
Pitch winners to keep losers? I had to wonder why West kept that diamond seven. Cute way to recover.
In the dark. (ACBL)
Ask what the double shows. Ask regardless of your hand. I don't see how you are revealing something about your hand by asking about such a double.
"The worst play I have ever seen"
As to (b), I know that. Trumping low is giving up. Trumping high at least forces declarer to guess the cards.
An Unusual Ending
Slam looks pretty normal (though not on this auction). Indeed, judging by the numbers posted, only 9 of 26 pairs stayed out of slam. Playing ace-king of diamonds gains when the club finesse is off and the diamond queen is doubleton. Taking the club finesse early gains when the club ...
"The worst play I have ever seen"
I had trouble figuring out who was who! East should ask for a heart. Assuming South was 6-2-2-3 or 6-3-3-1, a heart shift ensures a set. So, first candidate for worst play ever - diamond ten. Playing a diamond next, by West, seemed pretty futile. Seems like West was hoping the ...
What a Bunch!
Looks like it - you can't test both suits, and have to guess what to play for.
"If you have some reason to think that hearts are not 6-2, the heart play makes sense before clubs, lest you establish them a club to go with their four heart tricks." Not my choice in a matchpoint game. If clubs run, I have eleven tricks and chances for twelve ...

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