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Steve Bruno
Steve Bruno
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May 11, 2011
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Dec. 4
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United States of America

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Emerald Life Master
Rick Gold - Steve Bruno
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Ben and Steve
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2022 WBF tournament location
Instanbul would be a BIG preference over China.
Too weak to reverse but holding 6m-5M, which suit do you open with?
I believe in opening in my longer suit. Then, if possible, I jump in my 5-card major to show 6-5 and insufficient values to reverse. E.G., 1C - P - 1S - P 3H
Second Thoughts about U31 Junior Event
Many of the ills that come with trying to fine tune strata of competitions by age, masterpoint total, sex, residence, etc. would be cured if we would just SHUFFLE, DEAL and PLAY.
Bridge is getting harder to play
The trouble with this is that the Director tried to interact with the Seniors as if they are adults. If she treated them as children, she would be more successful.
2C-2D-2S-3NT (opponents silent)
It's just a stupid bid.
Tanking to get a read
Histrionics are permitted at the poker table. They are not permitted at the bridge table. Or, if they are, they represent gamesmanship which, I believe, tarnishes our game.
Plan the Play in 3NT at Matchpoints
When will we be told what the opening lead was?
The Evils of E-W and Sitouts
Very few pairs get to sit N/S all the time because it requires a note from a doctor. In other words, sitting N/S is never a preference, it's always a necessity. After those seats are assigned, the rest of the entries are jumbled on the table into ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: Q43 AKJ96 932 A7
3C has to be forcing. I clearly can't have oodles of clubs. Hopefully pard can jump in diamonds over 3C or re-cue spades, which would cause me to bid a diamond slam.
Why are you playing bridge?
I used to have many reasons to play bridge. After more than sixty years of tournament play, I've exhausted every one of those reasons. I'd give it up in a nano-second if my wife would stop playing. Maybe the best reason is that I'm too old and ...

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