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Steve Bruno
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May 11, 2011
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Emerald Life Master
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Let's start all over again.
4 Convention Cards on the table possible motion
ACBL-wise the thing that irritates me most is when players don't have their names (first and last) on their convention cards. Talk about the height of arrogance! World Championship-wise the thing that irritates me most is that I've spend at least 10 hours filling out the WBF convention ...
steaming tendencies
Losers have a tendency to want to continue to lose - it's somewhat like a self-fulfilling prophecy. If the slam goes down, you'll get the satisfaction of having lost more. If it makes, you won't be down as much. Go for it.
WBF money quiz
To quote a current politician, "What happened to promises made, promises kept?" How many people who paid $1500 actually got to play for 3 days?
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
Frances - the middle-class people who take their children to Disneyland are spending money to make their families happy, not indulge in a self-gratifying hobby. $300-$400 or more per day is quite a bit to spend on myself - not so much for my family.
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
The inclusiveness of a 400-year ultra-exclusive institution that is convinced their exclusivity carries the day in any logical argument tends to be impenetrable.
Open Orlando Discussion Thread
Can anyone who might be deemed "middle-class" afford to attend the World Bridge Series? I meant for more than one day.
Falling numbers in Orlando
Are the card fees determined by the cost of the contract with the venue? Or are they set in stone no matter how much rent the WBF has to pay? If they aren't set in stone, there's no reason why the WBF couldn't choose a much-less expensive ...
Club policy legal?
Who would want to win by pulling wings off of butterflies?
Joel Wooldridge's bidding problem: 8 Q965 KT9xx 875
After the 3C bid, this is no longer a legitimate problem.

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