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Steve Chen
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Jan. 26, 2012
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Nov. 28
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about me

Bridge is condensed life.

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Gold Life Master
Steve / Li-Chung (draft)
2 over 1 semi forcing
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Junior Entry Fees at ACBL NABC
Hard to believe that we let logistics such as "extra step of calculation" or "half-dollar change" stand in the way. These strike me as excuses rather than real hurdles.
Junior Entry Fees at ACBL NABC
Raising 1m after a double - what is most common?
Well, "minimum" is relative, defined in a context. For example, if you open 1, 11-14 is considered minimum. Maybe OP meant "minimum among choices from responder other than passing". But even then, some play 3 as 0-5, which is less than "minimum new-suit response". If I consider 0-5 ...
Raising 1m after a double - what is most common?
What does "better-than-minimum" mean? Technically, as a responder, the minimum I can have is zero. Does this mean "which bids show better-than-zero-count"?
What is this redouble?
Why do you want to play at 3-level when you could have rescued at 2-level?
Forcing or not
In the method described by OP, 2 doesn't promise a 4-card major, since 2 and 2NT are used as transfers. Therefore it is logical to use 2 here as showing invitational hand with 4 spades. But that is by no means mandated by the rest of ...
ATB - Poor slam
No blame, just bad luck.
ATB - bad slam
That's plausible. But arguably if West didn't bid 2NT, East may not have the chance to make the last mistake. Maybe the focus shouldn't be splitting hair and figuring out who gets more blame than the other, rather it may be more productive to know how the ...
ATB - Poor slam
There are several very common agreements, based on which the rebid by West should be either 2 or 2. But 2NT is not one of the options.
ATB - bad slam
Again this boils down to a classic question: who should we blame more, the one who made first mistake or last?

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