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Steve Huhman
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Jan. 20, 2012
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Dec. 3, 2016
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Bridge Player

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First Overall finish in NABC+ event
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9 NABC+ overall finishes; Dist 16 Open NAOP champion; Multiple Regional wins in unlimited MP events
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Gold Life Master
Bart's No Turkey
In the Japanese baseball league, there is a team called the "Nippon Ham Fighters". I long wondered what a "ham fighter" was. Turns out that the sponsor of the team is Nippon Ham. The "mascot" name is just "Fighters".
Lay off the Ethics Training in Clubs
I agree with both Daniel and Yuan. My usual reaction to any given incident is "Their partner won't pick up on the UI anyway". That said, I am strongly in favor of finding non-intimidating ways to educate newer players on procedure, ethics and etiquette sooner rather than later.
Lay off the Ethics Training in Clubs
Hi Peg. My sympathies - - I've been similarly victimized myself multiple times. You didn't mention the apparent age of your LHO, but one of the challenges we have, given the age of our membership, is differentiating between "coffee-housers" and people with diminishing faculties. My most frequent club partner is ...
Lay off the Ethics Training in Clubs
I think one "gentle" way to help educate newer players about proper procedures, ethics and bridge etiquette would be to post on the club bulletin board (if there is one) a list of "dos and don'ts". Over time, as people are milling about, I expect newer and even experienced ...
Help with a ruling?
Interesting question if the situation had been reversed - -that is, the table at which the hand held fourteen cards being the one that reached six clubs, rather than the reverse (just to be clear, the hand in question only held the proper thirteen cards at the table where six clubs ...
Help with a ruling?
In a recent regional Swiss, we had a somewhat related situation. At our table, we bid and made six clubs, which could have gone down on a different lead. At the other table, they were in five clubs. At the end of play, it was discovered that one of the ...
Are Smith-Peters pants or is it me?
I didn't know the slang. I was guessing that Smith Peters was a brand of pants in England.
How to play this suit?
Interesting to me that this came up. Many years ago in a Vanderbilt match, we had almost this identical position. East had opened a weak two, but the subsequent play did not provide enough information to be sure about either the exact distribution or who must hold the Q from ...
New Date for Fall NABC
Sad to hear the reason why the ACBL is not welcome back in Vancouver. I lived in Houston for many years, and alas, I recall hearing much the same story from tournament organizers there, regarding why we were always moving our tournaments among facilities - - too many venues considered bridge players ...
Have You Ever ... Experienced Totality?
Once played against opponents at matchpoints who held 37 HCP, missing precisely three jacks. Furthermore, they held AKQxxx opposite xxx in spades. They got all the way to 6 spades. Of course, we held Jxxx behind the six-bagger, for a cold zero. :)
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