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Steve Kitching
Steve Kitching
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Sept. 23, 2015
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Feb. 25
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Who should have done something else
Apologies for the confusion I corrected the hand 60 Secs after posting but I guess there was a delay in appearing. I corrected North to a stiff A from a small one
How the average 'grass-roots' club players feel about psychs
Against a pair for who I had no love of , my partner opened a weak 2 and with 3 card support and about 4-5points I toyed with 3 directly... Instead I thought I'll bid 2NT (Ogust) as an asking bid, partner bids 3 and I signed ...
What do you lead now?
The south hand was Ax AQ Qxx AKxxxx. West when in with the Q! played a Diamond to partners A but East returned a and South pseudo squeezed North in as West was convinced of 3s in South. I fully ...
What do you lead now?
Clubs were low low J showing odd count and Teams of 8 Imp scoring
What do you lead now?
low low Jack - count (odd)
Interesting hand part I - Defend as West
Ducking is the right play as Declarer as J10 but I've posted the North/South hands as a play problem
Interesting hand part I - Defend as West
Amended as requested
How should declarer approach 3N? (Part one)
I'm a simple soul 5 rounds of clubs throwing 2 spades and a low diamond then look at discards and likely AK Hearts next if any have been thrown or lead to K D if not
Steve Kitching's bidding problem: AQJ5 A7 AQ2 9632
Purely for takeout over the 3 Clubs
How do you sort out this one?
They usually play runout transfers up in the NE so XX-C Diamonds would be tfr to H. There is an argument with 5 card support that West would bid 3C over 2S...
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