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Steve Myerson
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Leonard Hall's bidding problem: QT43 JT96 AT92 K
Has my hand changed since I bid 2?
ABC RKC Igrec Zed
Right! I'm not happy that partner has taken control when I have this moose, but I'm along for the ride. If it turns out that partner should not have taken control, we can have an interesting post-mortem.
Jon Gassaway's bidding problem: QJx x Kxx AKxxxx
Another easy to remember reply system to 2N: 3 - min hand, 3 trumps 3 - max hand, 3 trumps 3 - min hand, 4 trumps 3 - max hand, 4 trumps You can decide what range min and max are.
Irwin Miller's bidding problem: Ax QJx QT9x AQxx
3 asking partner for a spade stopper. Two stoppers should be enough for 3N. Otherwise we head for 5.
Steve Moese's bidding problem: 9 KJT97632 7 754
Sorry to have made you ill, but I want to play this hand in hearts, not necessarily at the 4 level. I would take a chance and pass initially, then hope to have a chance to bid hearts naturally.
David Liu's bidding problem: KQT762 K75 Q753 ---
[b]In 3rd seat at favorable vul, most of my partners are expecting 5 or 6 spades, not necessarily good.[/b] Surprise them once in a while.
Jim Houghton's bidding problem: A2 J32 A9432 432
[b]Partner should do something if it goes P[/b] OK, so it goes pass back to partner who reopens with a double. Are you bidding 1N or 2? I don't see how passing first gains.
Jon Gassaway's bidding problem: QJx x Kxx AKxxxx
A variation of the Bridge World death hand? I bid 2. Support with support. You have a couple of tricks and a ruffing value.
What do you lead at trick 3?
[b] I try the ♠ first in case South is short in ♣.[/b] I think this is the lesson here. Declarer might have a void in clubs, but cannot have a void in spades. In that case, partner would have KJT9-seventh of spades and would not have passed in second seat.
What do you lead at trick 3?
Since it's running about 4:1 for a spade vs a club, I'll start with that. On the ace of spades lead, partner plays the ten, declarer the four. The ten looks rather encouraging, so partner probably has the king. Before leading another spade and hoping that partner ...
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