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Steve Willner
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June 14, 2013
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June 15
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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Bad Habits of Intermediates
I'm afraid I don't entirely agree with either of Joel's suggestions. 1. step responses showing 2-1 points have a lot of merit. In particular, they are superior to "2 waiting." 2. failing to ask about alerted calls on the first round of the auction (and sometimes ...
European Championships current standings
How are there 4-digit VP totals? Does the EBL not round off to two digits? What does the WBF do? (The ACBL does round to two digits, at least the last time I checked.)
Please, One More Time for this Theme
Once again, would people please put in their profiles where they play? Ed seems to be in the ACBL, but I don't see explicit confirmation. Here in the Boston area, all the Directors I'm familiar with would rule correctly in this situation. However, from correspondence with others and ...
Would you roll this back?
What Tom wrote about a PP was my first reaction too, but I'm not sure it's right. The gratuitous explanation is an infraction of Law 73B1. This is a "shall not" law, which is the weakest of three levels of prohibition. (The stronger prohibitions are "may not" and ...
Revisiting Raptor
I'm confused. You wrote " four *hearts* and a longer minor. This can help shut out their spades." I didn't see how that could happen unless advancer could jump to 3. Now you seem to be saying that the intervening side can miss spades. Huh? I agree ...
Revisiting Raptor
Interesting! I don't see how opponents could miss spades unless advancer immediately jumps to 3, but if you saw it happen, it must be possible. Combining the two methods is an interesting idea but takes some working out. Over 1 (5cM), I don't see why you ...
Revisiting Raptor
Thanks. Roadrunner is what I called b) above. Any opinions on that versus a)? Perhaps a) only when the minor could be short?
"often less than 10 s" Wow! Two players receive the tray, digest what's there, put their bid cards on the tray, and shove it through in 10 s?! I can imagine that for something like 1NT-P-3NT or the final two passes of the auction but hardly anything else. And ...
Thanks. My lack of screen experience is showing here, but I'm trying to learn. Isn't 15 s about the normal time for the tray to return? The OP phrase "register the pause distinctly" isn't quantitative, but I took it to mean perhaps 10-15 extra seconds. Couldn't ...
Why couldn't West have been thinking about competing in hearts?

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