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June 14, 2013
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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Why does Harvard hate bridge?
The MIT club keeps a low profile and isn't exactly a high priority with the MIT administration. It does retain enough status to get a free room, though.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Avon: could you please check the reason Sheinwold was barred from captaining an American team? My memory is that it was because he didn't tell the then-ACBL president Lew Mathe about the accusations against Zuchelli and Facchini (sp?) at the 1975 BB. (That proved to be a good decision ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
I have no trouble deciding which is more upsetting.
Polish club: (semi) forcing notrump after 1 major opening
As Tomasz indicated, that's hardly a complete simulation. When opener chooses a rebid, responder can have 0 to 3 spades (maybe 4 if playing constructive single raises). Even -- or especially -- if you take out 3 and 4, the best contract may well be in a minor. I am not ...
Polish club: (semi) forcing notrump after 1 major opening
Yes, more or less. I meant any hand that has value in being led up to rather than led through. Usually that will be balanced with tenaces, but it might mean a positional stopper or something else. The opposite of "lead value" might be a hand with three aces and ...
Polish club: (semi) forcing notrump after 1 major opening
Simulations I've seen -- which you can discount if you like -- say that after a 5cM opening, there is usually a better contract than 1NT. Of course some of the time 1NT is best, but it's hard to identify those deals. It is therefore seldom right to pass 1NT ...
Polish club: (semi) forcing notrump after 1 major opening
Until now I had missed that there was a change in WJ2010. In WJ2005, the 1NT response to 1. In 2010 it became 8-11. The 2NT response also changed, becoming 11-12 HCP, so the effective top of 1NT is a bad 11. That means (I think) opener will always ...
Polish club: (semi) forcing notrump after 1 major opening
That's partly right, but one wants to take advantage of 1M being limited to 17 HCP. Was the original question about a 1M opening or 1? For 1M, you almost never want to pass even though 1NT is only "semi-forcing." Probably you should pass only when the M ...
In The Well: David Berkowitz
When playing with a new client who is a few steps down from your ability, what advice would you give before the first session?
Polish Club: how to rebid this 4-6
I've always just followed the book: 1M with 15-17 HCP, 2 when stronger. The same principle applies in : 1M with 18-19, 3 if stronger. These hand types are uncommon, and I don't have enough experience to say whether this is good or bad, but it ...

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