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Steve Willner
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June 14, 2013
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May 29
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
I don't think the announcements for 1m opening bids are well thought out. I don't care how short the minor is. What I want to know is the hand type. Let's consider 1 openings. They might be: 1. shows 4+ (now rare) 2. shows 3+ (normal ...
Draft ACBL Alert Procedure - Request for Comments
I don't know why crumpled convention cards (now "system cards") are seen as a good idea. Howard Piltch said that special alerts were his idea. No matter who came up with the idea, special alerts worked badly in practice. Announcements, which replaced them, work better.
“No True Expert Pair Plays [Insert Convention or Treatment Here]...”
Ahh, the good old days! "All opening 2-bids natural and game-forcing" As of 1963 -- I was very young at the time! -- Goren had natural and strong but not GF. "2 and 2 to play opposite 1NT opener" I don't think I've ever seen that. Some played ...
BBO table boot
With that timing, one has to be pretty fast with the bathroom visit.
BBO Team matches - recommended set up options for undo, barometer and kibitz
If you are declarer, you shouldn't expect to have to play the dropped card. Defenders have to play the card if partner could have seen its face.
For mini-NT players
That last is good if you can tolerate the wider balanced ranges, but you are better off reversing the meanings. In your example, 2NT should _deny_ 3c, and 3 should _promise_ 3c. Advantages are being more likely to right-side NT if you play there and giving a ...
ACBL Spring NABC is Canceled
"make a profit 2 out of 5 years" When I looked into this several years ago -- and I wasn't then and am not now either an accountant or a lawyer -- the legal standard was intent to make a profit. The IRS had a policy of accepting that you met ...
ACBL Spring NABC is Canceled
I thought one had to have intent to make a profit for Sch C, but I'm not a professional. Sch C allows one to take losses if expenses are greater than income, but I'm sure that's allowed only if one intends to make a profit. If expenses ...
ACBL Spring NABC is Canceled
Schedule C is correct if you a professional, defined for tax purposes as intending to earn income from bridge. That's no good for those of us who aren't professionals. We report the reimbursement as "Miscellaneous Income" on Form 1040, but I don't see a way to subtract ...
ACBL Spring NABC is Canceled
"By the way, reimbursement of personal expenses is not taxable as long as the reimbursement does not exceed the amount of the expenses." That makes sense to me, and it's what a CPA told me (admittedly prior to the 2017 changes), but I don't see how one would ...

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