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June 14, 2013
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Live and play in Boston area.

United States of America

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How should Multi be allowed (if at all) under the Open+ chart?
Richard: no one claims the fert problem is "insurmountable," but unless the fert is 1, it's a real problem because it takes away bidding space that's needed to find one's own contract. I'd happily play against a 1 fert with nothing more than a ...
How should Multi be allowed (if at all) under the Open+ chart?
Tim: that was you? Thanks! I thought EMBA reverted to GCC later on, though. Ray: my partner and I played weak-only multi in one or maybe two of those events. I never saw anyone else playing it, but I think a few pairs played other MidChart methods. We gave up ...
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
Open both with a one bid. Do whatever you do now with 18-19, maybe the same with 20 if it looks bad. With the higher range, jump shift or bid 3NT or raise partner to an appropriate level. Something like 3 artificial would probably help, but as I wrote ...
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
Bill: of course if dealt a hand worth a strong 2 opener, I'd prefer to be playing that convention. That's true of almost every convention. The question is whether the frequency and likely gain outweighs some other use for the 2 bid. What I can say ...
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
Ed: quite right. The usual advice is "more quick tricks than losers." Stefan: it's not an assumption, it's experience. Admittedly it's only a few dozen unbalanced hands that I would have opened 2 on but instead had to open at the one level, but none of ...
ACBL Competition and Conventions Committee
How about 2-board rounds in Open+ and 6+-board rounds in Open? Open was supposed to be like the former Midchart, which allowed multi (with or without strong options) in rounds of 6+ boards. That got taken out of the Open final draft with no public discussion or indication it ...
ACBL Competition and Conventions Committee
You're welcome to play it at the club I attend (the MIT club Richard mentioned below). Some have. Nobody is doing so now because it can't be played in (most) tournaments.
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
A few unrelated comments on the OP: 1. I doubt anyone has enough experience with strong 2 to have a sound opinion on what response scheme works best. 2. despite 1, responding by HCP steps works badly. I think 2 "waiting" works badly, but I can't prove ...
"... full of people whose first priority at the table is..." Thanks for the comment, but how does their priority affect your enjoyment? In other words, what is it that these people do that affects you? No one can know for sure what someone else is thinking, so their "priority" must ...
The notorious doctors
Thanks for responses above and by Gerben elsewhere. The situation is much clearer now. Deliberately obscuring one's methods on the system card seems to me to be a serious conduct offense, and knowingly approving a dishonest card seems to me even worse. In case anyone is interested in the ...

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