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Steven Allen
Steven Allen
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Sept. 11, 2012
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14 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I play many mind sports games in my time including:- Chess, Othello, Go and virtually any other good card game before settling on Bridge. I play in the UK and use a highly modified Benji ACOL system, some what different from most on this site.

Started play aged 15 or so, some 35 years ago and play when I can around a busy work and family life.  

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Qualifying in first place from our local Bridge club for the National Pairs Finals, on our second ever club night (after reading a book about ACOL) aged 15. The club membership had been telling us not to get our hopes up for a least a few years on winning a club night as new members :)
Bridge Accomplishments
No major event wins, but quite a few close shaves. It's overdue now.
Regular Bridge Partners
David Eddleston also known as Francis Eddleston
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Burnham Bridge club, WGC bridge club
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
That's Universal
A take out or balancing dbl does not have to contain 4 cards in both majors or the unbid one......this is just simply unplayable.....but of course its a consideration when choosing your action. I really get fed up with players who assume you have shown the other major ...
David Eddleston's lead problem: Q752 963 Q42 K43
My P has not reported the hand perfectly. It was not so much a tank/bit, but a query on the bidding to this point. I wanted to dbl 2D as lead directing if 2C was promisory stayman as the risk of being caught in 2Dxx would be minimal. When ...
Perhaps i should have said shown hearts, by whatever system you have. In mine we play this implies spade support so not dangerous
South has misdefended, but north could have bid hearts cheaply on the way to 2s and made life much easier
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: 5 98 AKQ96 KQ852
Ohh I recognise this hand from WGC Pairs league, i have to abstain then, but your P has not helped here
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: QT8764 3 T85 732
Probably bidding 2S/3S first call depending on circumstances. Second call assuming I passed first time was a clear 4S bid. I have to abstain.
Would you use a "smart" drug?
How do we view a drug that gets your cognitive skills back to when you were in your twenties? Mine have declined a lot since then (mostly memory) and it would not take me past what I was once capable of?
Would you use a "smart" drug?
I dont want to take drugs to compete, but at the same time if everyone else is taking a safe drug that helps them.....I dont want to be at a disadvantage. We all accept caffeine and many use Nicotine without stigma......and can see other such drugs becoming common ...
Oren Kriegel's lead problem: T962 JT7 J32 QT4
The auction should promise all the aces, so P must be doubling for a ruff lightner style. Theres no way hes void in either major but its very possible they are void clubs. Eg x x Qxxxx AKQJxx opposite Axx Ax AKJx xxxx
What is this redouble?
And over called 1nt, so a psyche then?

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