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Steven Gielen
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April 19, 2011
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March 5, 2015
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Death to all kibitzers - Vol. 1
The fact that the slam was bid meant that either team D or team E was about to win the event. It seems unfair that a kibitzer can take away that opportunity. What if the kibitzer turns out to be someone associated with team A?
3-level responses to Strong 1NT
With 2/nt as transfers: 3 Drink Stayman (to ask or show a 5crd major) 3 Multi-Invite (6crd major) 3M Splinter with at least 5-4 in the minors All hands with precisely a 5crd major and no slam interest bid Drink Stayman, then a sequence like 1nt-2 ...
1!c or 1!d?
Suppose you would open 1C will all balanced hands outside your NT range (15-17), is it then still a good idea to have a 9-11 1nt response?
Two-Way New Minor Rules (With Revised Answers)
I prefer to bid differently with 5-5. An invitational 5-5 is bid directly on the 3-level. A GF 5-5 is bid via 2nt. The other invitational hands are bid via 2C and the other GF hands are bid via 2D. Also a direct 3nt is to play, but 3nt via ...
Meaning of 1M (2m) 2NT?
After a non-jump overcall 2nt is invitational or better with 4crd support and the cuebid is invitational or better with 3crd support. With a natural 2nt hand I bid a negative double.
Fun with Fantunes (3)
I'd play a club to the ace in the 2nd trick. Only East can trick you with the J or T, never West.
1M 2C and follow ups
Playing relays you relay with hand a. Hand b bids 3S (Splinter). Hand c bids 3H.
Taming the Weak Notrump, part 2
It just feels weird to make a forcing pass with any 0-4 hand...
Taming the Weak Notrump, part 2
Thank you for this article. If 2nd hand doubles and 3rd hand makes a natural bid, 4th hand must pass with less than 5hcp? Wouldn't it be better to have 4th hand bid with very weak (0-4) hands and only pass with 5+hcp?

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