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Steven Mcgrahan
Steven Mcgrahan
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June 8, 2013
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July 11
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Bridge Player
about me

Learned weak NT to start then Acol, then SA, then Precision and then 2/1 (the easiest to learn as more of a treatment). Now try for 2/1 and Precision but often get stuck with SAYC. Recently learned Mosca club with canape and Polish club.

Book i learned bidding most from Precision Bidding in Acol by Eric Crowhurst

Redoubled with overtricks:

2D+2, 3N+2, 4S+2, 2S+3, 1N+3, 1S+3, 2H+4, 4S+1, 4N+2, 1H+1


Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
Top 2015 Online pts U1000 for ACBL Unit 166
Favorite Tournaments
Hamilton Sectional
Favorite Conventions
fourth suit forcing
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
T-Precision 3.0
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Online Issue #3 - WT...?
Online Issue #3 - WT...?
if the people finishing the tournament didn't play a board (neither of them) it doesn't show up in the tournament history file i believe
For System Geeks Only
In open or open+ the only disallowed bids have to do with psychics. No psyching artificial responses and no psychic controls.
Defence to Bergen and the like
oh your right
Consumer law at work in BBO
I thought it was quite sardonic Joshua!
Defence to Bergen and the like
Doubler will have passed after a 4th seat Drury but will be unpassed after a 3rd seat Drury.
Third Seat Opening in BBO
Nicolas Hammond example pulled from an ACBL doc seems wrong "8. Mini-Roman type openings must show at least 10 HCP or meet the Rule of 19. These openings require a minimum of 11 HCP if 4-4-4-1, and 10 HCP if 5-4-3-1 or 5-4-4-0. “ Why does 4441 have to meet rule ...
Third Seat Opening in BBO
BBO Directors don't know the meaning of the word "or" apparently. I was told a 10 hcp hand was not legal to open conventionally. The ACBL chart said needed to be average strength 10 pts or rule of 19. Well 4441 10 points does not meet rule of 19 ...
Robot "Bridge" Forum
BBO's Gib is not likely to make any significant improvements in the foreseeable future.
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
I think part of the problem is the OP is only looking at the trump suit. Some sort of bias is probably there from the decision to play in trump and that suit. Looking at how the whole deal is distributed as Yehudit has done is the way to check ...

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