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Stig Holmquist
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Feb. 12, 2016
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Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: Qxxx AKxx KT5 A8
3D shows a strong one-suited hand with 6 or more Diamonds and a game forcing hand, according to Seagram & Stark in their booklet 'Four-Suit Transfers. on p. 11.. Responder's hand is : Ax-xx-AQJ984-Kxx The recommended bidding is : 3D-3H-3S-4NT-5S-6D. I don't think this is good bidding because the responding hand ...
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: Qxxx AKxx KT5 A8
I made a typo and tried to correct 2D to 3D.But it did not work. So I understand the confusion. The 3D bid is part of a 4-suit transfer system.
Mel Coshamiro's Rule of "17"
Steve, In your 2010 article about preempts you wrote "The worst vulnerability is when you are vulnerable and they are not." That would seem to be V vs NV. But that condition is listed as the 4th item in your table, and is labled as Favorable. This looks like upside ...
Mel Coshamiro's Rule of "17"
Hi Steve, Thanks for your reference to the Rule of 2-3-4. I looked it up at Bridgeguysand and I now wonder how many pts or tricks is reasonable to expect responder holding? In the example given by BG there are only 6 winners and the possibility of loosing 800 pts ...
Suppose you hold 4=5=2=2 and open 1H and partner bids 2m. you then rebid 2S. Must it be a strong reverse or can the partnership agree that a 'forced" reverse does not show extra values? If so, would that be alertable?
Frequency of J2NT?
This tells me nothing about frequency of J2N, which is what I asked about.
Frequency of J2NT?
Meaning what?
Probabilities of hand pattern match
Sorry I'm late responding. Please tell me what other websites have the data. The OccEnt is clearly wrong. My primary interest was finding two 8-fits. RP calculates it long ago but did not post it.
Rebid after J2NT
Re-read Loeb's comment. If you can memorize L. Cohen's complex method, more power to you. Most imtermediate players would not be able or care to try. So they need a simpler method. Use your imagination and devise a bid asking for shortness. Let me suggest that after opener ...
Rebid after J2NT
Nick, I see you are back to your old bag of tricks. When logic fails, you resort to derogatory and insulting comments. The standards for this forum asks you to be respectful. Do you know what that means? Five bridge ideas of mine have been printed in Bridge World and ...

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