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Stuart King
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July 17, 2017
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Scott Needham's bidding problem: AKQxx T8 Q8xx 98
I’m forcing to game and do not consider it close.
Improve my analysis!
Given partner has requested a switch I'm ruling out holdings like Qxxx or QTx with partner. I don't think that is enough to request a switch. Given partner has requested a switch one lead will be enough. Partner needs at least ATx. I suppose it does give up ...
Multi Opening Two-Bids
My point is that a lot of defenses to a multi 2 rely somewhat on being able to pass initially with some class of hands that might otherwise want to bid. To make those defenses less effective you should maximise the chance partner passes, so it is more effective ...
Multi Opening Two-Bids
I play a trash multi 2 (bad weak two in either major only) and normal weak twos in the majors. The idea being to maximise the chances that partner can just pass the 2 bid.
Improve my analysis!
I would have chosen the spade switch, partly because I would expect partner to request a switch at least some of the time with that holding, and partly because, as Kit says, we need less in partners hand for the switch to be right. Once West doesn't ...
Stuart King's bidding problem: QJ87 72 T72 AJ93
62 AJT9643 K43 6 I can hardly imagine anyone not bidding 3 with this. 6 out of 12 played in 3, 2 in 4 and the remaining 4 defended 3.
Stuart King's bidding problem: AK953 Q5 Q6 K874
Indeed. It was "one of those nights" where we kept taking what I would consider normal actions and ending with poor results when the field took high risk actions that paid off.
Stuart King's bidding problem: AK953 Q5 Q6 K874
See for the other half of this problem. I passed with this hand as did my partner with the the hand in the problem above. 80% of the field found spades. Just wanted to sanity check myself.
Stuart King's bidding problem: QJ87 72 T72 AJ93
As I expected. My partner and I passed out 3 and got a terrible core as the room was playing in spades somehow...
Play this hand
Indeed. Even more reason to drive out the before using the entry to dummy, if you are playing for that rather than the finesse.

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