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July 17, 2017
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Stuart King's bidding problem: AQ3 K9 T9653 543
Indeed. I really didn't want to pass, but what else?
how best to serve a certain demographic?
The most popular sessions for social and returning players are "Supervised Play". You may want to use a term like "Free Play Session" as supervised play doesn't have the best ring to it... Basically provide somewhere they can come and play with experienced players around to answer questions. Then ...
Stuart King's bidding problem: AQ3 K9 T9653 543
Who are you expecting to bid 2M? RHO’s 2C was natural. Passing is very likely to lead to you defending 2C.
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
I agree talking about hands at the table with the opponents is difficult and should be done. I the best way to approach something like this would be to say something like "Interesting decision whether or not to risk the spade finesse." That way they can engage if they want ...
On teaching play of the hand
The KEY to teaching declarer play techniques is what I call "triggers". What is it about a hand that should start you thinking about this technique. Very few students struggle to understand WHY the technique works - they have just seen it! Lets consider a simple example - a finesse. The trigger ...
An alternative Alerting Policy
Some problems as currently written: - All NT bids appear to be alertable after the opening bid. Is this intended? - "Calls made above 3NT are not to be alerted unless they have a particularly unusual meaning." This certainly does not meet your stated aim of being cohesive, definitive and with no ...
On Ethics, Proprieties, Laws, Regulations and Beginning Bridge Players
Ah, I am in EBU-land where we haven't yet got rid of the stop card.
On Ethics, Proprieties, Laws, Regulations and Beginning Bridge Players
I very briefly touch on ethics when we first talk about the alert and stop cards in bidding boxes.
Invitational Minor Suit Hands Opposite Notrump Opener
The important number to compute is how often this extra clarity gets you to a making games that a non-specific invite does not get you too, and how often it keeps you out of failing games that the generic invite would get get you to.
IMPed Pairs: towards a better datum
Ian, I don't see how the "opponents did something good" problem is any more a problem with IMP pairs than matchpointed pairs. At matchpoints it happens even more often as they can do it to you both in the play and the bidding!

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