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July 17, 2017
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Craig Biddle's bidding problem: T95 Q6 T42 AKT63
3NT. I would have bid this last round (particularly given the methods) and given we could have a invite 3 must be accepting. Not sure what the passers are hoping will happen :/
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: K9743 KQ8762 7 T
Seems clear to cue here. 4 is going to lead to you playing your cold slam in game a lot of the time.
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: AJ42 64 K7432 54
We have a fit in a higher ranking suit. Just raise. X feels like the action to take if you need a top.
Jonathan Cohn's bidding problem: AKT75 AQ875 AQJ ---
Yes, they should. We’re making a grand move and they have the king of trumps they might not. What else could we be looking for? What else could they have to sign off in 4?
"Flexible signals"
Yes, here both signals are clearly functionally identical. If my signal is defined as attitude I discourage without the A (or with the KJ). If it is suit preference I show cards with the A or cards without (or with KJ). Either way partner gets the message and ...
"Flexible signals"
Richard, Partner has pretty much told me their exact holding with the lead, I see little value in a "attitude" signal in general here, and in this specific case it amounts to the same thing as suit preference, as I assume partner encourages with the A and discourages without ...
What should the selectors do?
Maybe "most" was a bit of an overbid. XD
"Flexible signals"
Switching to a trick to is only better than cashing the A if partner has lead from a 3 card (or fewer) heart suit, has the Q and has the A. It is worse any time partner has lead from a 4+ card heart suit and has the A ...
"Flexible signals"
(I am assuming IMP scoring). On this hand it is clear that we have to decide between one of two positions. Either P has the A and we should continue or P has KJx(x) and we need to switch to 's. It is clear that partners count ...
What should the selectors do?
I agree that the first problem to address with a selection committee is to prevent the abuse of power. But that doesn't mean that the perception isn't an issue, and if you solve the perception issue you have probably also solved the potential for abuse issue at the ...

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